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With Noemi Hernadez

Will Smith

Will Smith first gained fame by being a rapper and went by name of The Fresh Prince. Thats how the world discovered him. He is very talented like being a producer, and he is also an actor. Will and his wife and two kids are currently living in Los Angeles,CA, and they have a second house in Miami, Florida. Will has two sisters and one brother. He is the second oldest out of the four. His sisters names are Ellen and Pam Smith. His brother is Harry Smith. He has acted in about 20 movies and his son Jadon acted in two movies with him which are After Earth and The Pursuit of Happiness. His daughter acted with him in I Am Legend. She was only seven-years-old. She has acted in five movies. Jaden has been in four movies.

Movie Review

The movie was sad because Rose a 17 year old girl has to get married a man that is a lot older than her. She goes to the titanic. While she is there she becomes suicidal and tries to kill herself by throwing herself off the boat. While she is trying Jack Dawson sees her and tries to convince her that she was being stupid. She agrees to come down but slips but he catches her just in time. Rose ends up falling in love with Jack. At the end Jack gives up his life for Rose.

Little Miss Muffet

One cool morning on Novemeber 23, 2008, was an unfortunate event for a little girl named Little Miss Muffet. She ran down the stairs for breakfast. She sat herself down on her favorite tuffet in the kitchen. She ate curds and whey. Then a black widow came out of the cupboard. He crawled slowly and placed himself right beside her. She slowly turned to look at the spider. She was frightened away. We were granted access to talk to her. She is now in therapy, but has been transferred to an asylum because she said the spider was 8 feet tall and the size of a car. She has began to recover, but still has this fear of the spider.


Noemi is tall and kind of meaty, and she still has curly brown hair.She and her family had to move when she was just a sophomore, therefore she never got to finish her two last years in the Norfolk High School.They moved to Dallas,Texas. During her last two years in Texas, she enjoyed playing volleyball and her favorite was to swim on her swim team. Noemi loved animals at a young age so she worked at Earl May to keep paying college. She graduated from The Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. That was her job for two years. Noemi is the best veterinarian out the very best 65. She got married and had two identical twins Nina and Ameligh. Noemi only has one boy named Juan. Noemi is living in Paris,France and she is still in contact with her friend Reyna Acosta who also lives in in Paris,France. She currently owns her very own veterinarian shop in five different places. They are France, Dallas,Japan, Hawaii,and Mexico. She still likes to swim and she really likes to bake.She still wants to rise higher in her job.She plans to travel the whole world.


My favorite app is Pinterst. It gives lots of ideas on how to decorate your room, kitchen, and your office or anywhere else. There is pictures of comedy quotes with pictures of babies or even animals.There is also inspirational quotes. Some pictures include looking at shoes that you would want in the future. There is also ideas on how to make crafts or tutorials on how to do your makeup. You make boards to pin things on stuff you love. You have to label your board depending on the things you're going to pin like shoes, nails,and crafts.You can follow and view boards from other people.There are a few options that you can do with the picture. The first is liking that pic and pinning it on one of your boards to keep forever. Second, is to like it.The third is to visit the website that the picture came from. You can leave a comment on to the owner who posted the picture.