My Super Fruit

Sydney Scoggins

What is a Strawanaerry?

A Strawanaerry is a fruit that is has all the nutitonal and health benefits from a strawberry, banana, and a raspberry.
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The nutritional benefits

In the strawanaerry you get a compsiton of the same benefits from a strawberries, banana,'s and raspberries. From the strawberry you will get a big immune boost from the vitamin C. Another benefit that comes from the strawberry side is the fact that it is loaded with potassium which is used in many body systems. The banana benefits give you calcium, which can prevent and releave muscle cramps. From the raspberry will give you anthocyanin and ellagitannins which can help prevent many types of cancers. Flavonoids, which help's with memory, is also found in raspberries are in a Strawanaerry.


The strawanaerry IS a super fruit so it has to give you super powers! It gives you X-Ray Vision from all the vitamin C in the fruit. It also gives you Super Strength from the extra calcium in the fruit! So you will have X-Ray Vision and Super Strength