Technology at Lineville

Haylea Vandeyacht

Typing Web

1. You learn how to type faster and more accurate.

2. There are different levels of typing.

3. Its an online typing site.


1. You can change the theme of the trailer

2. Recording your voice is an option.

3. We could present in front of the class.

Career Locker

1. You can start learning about your future and jobs.

2. It helps you figure out what your going to do after high school.

3. When you pick out your dream job you can learn about the job.

Haiku Deck

1.You can change the theme and add pictures to your presentation.

2.Its an app for creating projects.

3.This was the app that we created our dream job project on.

Explain Everything

1. You can add pictures to your project.

2. When you are doing your presentation you can draw on the screen to help with your project.

3. Also you can record your voice and put that in.

Hour of Code

1. We could play cool learning games that you can try to beat to levels.

2. You could make your own games like your own flappy bird game.

3. There is a week for Hour of code.

Email Etiquette

1. We learned how to send an email correctly.

2. Also we learned how to type an email correctly.

3. You had to send an email to Mrs. Myers pretending to ask about homework.