The most 'interesting' material in the world.

Learn all about the history of Aluminum!

This material was first called alumine, named by de Morveau in 1761. since that name did not stick, it eventually got the name aluminum by Davy, in 1807. Then scientists wanted it to follow the concept of elements having "ium" at the end of the name, so it became aluminium, in 1925. The concept of it having a name like aluminium comes from the latin word alumen meaning alum.

Located all over the earth, but not your body!

Aluminium is a very abundant ore in the earths crust, the most important of it is bauxite. Aluminium is not located anywhere naturally in the human body.

Practical Uses

Aluminium Interesting Facts.

Aluminium can make many different types of weapons and tools.
It also makes the ever so popular, aluminium oxide! (as shown to the left)