By Sean and Devan

10 facts

  • Some street names are coke, coco, c, snow, flake, blow, bump, candy, Charlie, rock, and toot
  • Some effects include constricted blood vessels, dialated pupils, higher body temperature, high blood pressure, fast heartbeat, sick feeling, restlessness, low appetite, loss of weight, and a lack of sleep.
  • The high blood pressure can cause a stroke or heart attack
  • Cocaine is a hydrochloride salt
  • The street dealers mix it with cornstarch, talcum powder, or sugar
  • They also add procaine which produces anesthesia so you dont feel pain
  • The cocaine is made from coca leaves in South Africa
  • The cocaine can be snorted up the nose or injected by mixing it with water
  • Crack is a crystalized version of cocaine. It got its name by the popping of the crystals when smoked
  • The cocaine changes the way the brain comunicates. Then the molecules attatch to the nurons. The nurotransmitters get overflowed with dopamine to get the high feeling. Then after the high you feel a crash which makes you sad and depressed.

Places for help

Cedar Valley Recovery Service

151 Marion blvd

Marion, Iowa 52302

Phone: 319-363-2678

Area Substance Abuse Council (ASAC) East Office

4837 1st Ave SE Ste 206

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402

Phone: 319-447-1921

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