Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

Can You Survive ???

Appalachain Highlands

The Appalachian Highlands is a very good place. Its a good place because it extends from eastern Canada to western Alabama. Also the Appalachian Mountains are very old so it's easier to climb and hide. A really good feature is the Piedmont because you can easily see the zombie and hide from them.I give this 8 because there many way for you to survive

Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are a good location.The Rocky Mountains are really good location because there are alot of mountain to easily hide.Another reason is that the mountains are tall high and zombies legs will fall off at some point in time.I give the Rocky Mountains a 7 because most of the features are really good and helpful.

Great Plains

The Great Plains is a very BAD location.It's a bad because it's really flat zombies can see you and easily attacked.Another reason is that you won't see where your going.I give it a 3 because there is a very low change that you will survive.