A Peek at the Week

September 18, 2018


As we near progress report time (Sept. 19th), keep in mind that SeeSaw is a great tool for keeping families informed of their child's progress at school. This digital portfolio is a wonderful communication tool. If you have not been able to get all of your parents signed up, keep encouraging them to do so!

Many of our students struggle to be able to listen attentively and focus at school. We are all working to find ways to help these students to be successful in class. You may find some of the tips below useful in your classrooms.

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Using Music to Transition in the Classroom

Looking for a good way to transition in your classroom? Check out Mrs. Fousek's first graders as they transition to another reading station.Thank you Mrs. Fousek for letting me share your transition idea and show everyone how well your first graders get ready to move to their next station!

Learning Our School's Recipe for Reading

We have talked a lot in the past few weeks both individually and in groups about reading. We all share the same beliefs in that kids struggle with stamina, some are not motivated to read, assessments in reading can be tough, and increasing the volume of reading is important. We are in search of the best recipe for our school so that we can keep making it better and better. This year, we are on a quest to become more knowledgeable about teaching reading and learning all that we can about each of our kids so that we can help them to become better readers.

Every year, we set goals for our year based on our data. We look at F & P data, MAP data, and SCReady data. Our goals this year are to increase the volume of reading for each of our students and to improve our craft of teaching reading. We chose the field of education because we love learning. I think we all agree that none of us have the art of teaching reading completely figured out, so we are going to do what we do best- continue to learn. I look forward to my journey with you this year in learning more and more about how children learn to read and how we can strive to grow our readers.

Matt, Stacey or I would like to meet with you during your grade level planning to discuss reading each week. We want to be a part of the process so that we can work alongside you as we help our kids become stronger readers. I will be meeting with K5 & 5th, Matt will meet with 1st and 3rd, and Stacey will meet with 2nd and 4th.

Teachers in grades 3-5 will be learning about strategy groups and goal setting this Tuesday. Don't forget to read the article I placed in your boxes before Tuesday.

Rock Your School Day

Thank you for all the time, energy, and thought you have already put into planning for Rock Your School Day. It is going to be a wonderful day!

We will be meeting with students in the reading garden to kick off our house system. K-2 will be from 9:00-10:00 and 3-5 will be from 1:00-2:00.

Teacher 4.0 Rubric

I will be sending you a video of the Planning and Instruction component of the 4.0 rubric this week. I always want to protect your time and look for ways to get information to you in the best way. This video will be coming this week.

Safe Schools Videos

You may have already received an email about two new videos that you will need to view. One of these videos is 28 minutes and the other one is 39 minutes. You will take a quiz following the videos. Please make sure you have viewed them and completed your quizzes prior to October 10th.

Schedules & Levels

Please post your daily schedule outside of your door. Please follow the schedule components for reader's workshop that we have followed in the past.

I am going to share a form with you for you to put in your student's reading levels. This helps us to have both a digital and a paper trail to ensure we are tracking all of our students.

Upcoming Dates:

Sept. 17th: Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts meeting at 2:15

Sept. 18th: Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts' Parent meeting at 6:00, first grade PD at DO in the morning, second grade PD at DO in the afternoon, 3-5 meeting at 3:15 in B.Moore's room

Sept. 20th: Rock Your School Day!

Sept. 21st: Leveling Due, Data Wall updated

Sept. 25th: Open House at 5:30, third grade PD at DO in the morning, 4th grade PD at DO in the afternoon