Zombies and werewolves

Differences between them

The Were wolf

The werewolf is a human who changes form on the night of the full moon,looks like a wolf who walks on hind legs and, eats livestock and sometimes humans. There are currently no werewolves existent in the world right now.(but you never know what people could be hiding.)

The Zombies

The zombie is a chemically, medically, or bioweapon made dead or rotting being who eat nothing but humans.(BRAINS!!!). Contrary to pop belief the zombie is not made through "voodoo" or African witch doctors

Zombies vs WereWolves

First lets,identify the chemistry used to make zombies:

  • Chemicals or biotech are used to make this monstrosity.
  • They only eat people.
  • They rot.
Second let's look at the werewolf:

  • They change at the full moon.
  • They are still alive.
  • They are naturally born that way.