Post Unit Reflection

Ash Batey

Informed Conscience

Instincts that allow decision making to occur while considering the outcomes, good and bad.

Catholic church teaching on sexual intimacy

The Catholic Church Teaches that Sexuality is a great gift. Sexuality intimacy finds its fullness in the commitment of a marriage relationship. Sexual intimacy includes the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the human person. Sexual acts have two functions: they are both unitive and procreative. Homosexual acts cannot be procreative. Sexual acts must respect the dignity of each person
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Catholic church teachings on contraceptives

The Catholic Church teaches that you that contraceptives are wrong and abstinence is the only option. In a marriage you cannot do anything to stop a baby. "Artificial contraception is considered intrinsically evil, but methods of natural family planning are morally permissible in some circumstances, as they do not usurp the natural way of conception"

What Is important in a healthy relationship.

There are many things that are important in a healthy relationship. trust is a big thing. without it, how are you supposed to feel comfortable with each other. You should be able to tell them anything and know that they respect it. Communication is very important, you need to be able to tell them every thing and that will just bring you closer together. they will help you through tough times and cheer you up. honesty is also important. you need to tell them the truth at all times.

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