Technology in Lineville

By: Tanner

Typing Web

  1. Typing Web is mainly for teaching kids to type efficiently.
  2. It teaches kids to use "home keys" instead of "searching and pecking" on the keyboard
  3. The goal I had on the site was to get through the Intermediate Course.


  1. iTrailer is in an iPad app called iMovie.
  2. You can make your own movie trailer with this iMovie option.
  3. My class had to make a trailer about themselves.

Career Locker

  1. Career Locker is a handy site that helps with your future.
  2. Your future is all in this site because you con choose your dream job.
  3. This site follows you all the way to High School.

Haiku Deck

  1. Haiku Deck is another iPad app that is very useful.
  2. The app can help you make a presentation of anything.
  3. I had to make one of my dream job.

Explain Everything

  1. Explain Everything is the last iPad app we did.
  2. This iPad app is where you present with your iPad recording everything on the iPad.
  3. Our technology class had to record a math problem.

Hour of Code

  1. Hour of Code is a site that teaches to code.
  2. Games include Code Combat, Lightbot, Play Lab, and many more.
  3. Code Combat is the game I played.

Email Etiquette

  1. Email Etiquette is a project we had to do for our teacher.
  2. She had us write a letter to her using email etiquette.
  3. When emailing it's important to use email etiquette, that's what I learned.