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April 2016

Literacy Tweets on the Fly!

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This section of the newsletter will always contain important information that we have to share with you on the fly. Please make sure to read it and refer to it throughout the month. This will allow us to spend our monthly Literacy Tweets PD Meetings discussing curriculum and instruction practices that will best benefit all our young cardinals.


  • Math Monday May 9th
  • Reading Tuesday May 10th

2. If you are sponsoring a class, please meet with them to deliver your well wishes any day before Monday May 9th. Thanks so much for participating!

3. Publishing Night is coming soon! Please plan on having at least two different pieces of writing your students have published this year ready to display that night. Parents will meet at 6:00 in the cafeteria. I will talk to them about writing here at SC and dismiss them to all the homeroom classrooms. Please have the students ready to read and talk about their writing with parents. There is no need to have any formal presentation in your class. This is a writing museum where parents can walk around and honor the work of student writers.

4. NO Literacy Tweet in May. Please begin to inventory your room and complete EOY procedures.

April Literacy Tweet

Friday, April 29th, 8am

Room 608

Teaching Tip of the Month

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Core Instructional Routines

Routines and Workshops in all Content Areas
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Publication is so important for our young writers. Writers are motivated to complete their projects when they know a real audience exists for them. There are several ways to publish both big and small. Click on the button below to see the different ways to publish. You will also notice that I have set up Writing Partnerships for each teacher. This will give our writers a chance to read their published pieces to other writers in our school. Please get with your writing partner soon to talk about how often your classes will meet.

Spring Creek ELA Folder

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