Develop Teaching Expertise @ Math


A Professional Development Opportunity for K-5 Educators (Mathematics)

Supporting Reasoning and Explanations in Elementary Mathematics Teaching

  • Mathematics: using mathematical reasoning, explanations, and language
  • Teaching practice: supporting mathematical practices in the classroom
  • Student thinking: examining ways students make sense of and explain mathematics
  • Learning from practice: studying the teaching and learning of mathematical practices through video workshop

Dev-Te@m is produced by the University of Michigan School of Education. The team is building practice-focused professional development modules for practicing elementary teachers.

The goal of DEV-TE@M is to "improve student learning in mathematics by improving the knowledge and skills of elementary mathematics teachers."

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Participants will meet for ten 1.5 hour sessions (dates/times TBD but will finish by Mid May 2015) on the campus of Kent ISD. There will be "homework" (approximatly 1-2 hours) to be completed between each of the sessions by the participants (teachers will have about 2 weeks to complete).

The dates and times of the meetings will be determined very soon!

The "homework" will be carried out in the classroom by incorporating newly learned practices/activities!


It is free!!!

SCECH's will be earned, more information will be provided in the near future!

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If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to Rusty Anderson.

Rusty Anderson

Rusty Anderson is a leader in mathematics education and serves area educators as the mathematics consultant at Kent ISD. Prior to working as an educational consultant, Rusty taught high school mathematics in North Carolina for six years before moving to Michigan and teaching for the past year at Kent Innovation High School. He received his BS in Mathematics at Grand Valley State University and his MS in the Arts of Mathematics from Western Kentucky University.

During his time as an educator, Rusty has continued push the threshold of what mathematics education is believed to be. With a strong background in technology in the classroom, he has been able to incorporate best practices into daily mathematics instruction. Along with the ability to effectively incorporate technology, he has experience teaching in an integrated mathematics/science classroom at Kent Innovation High where a project based model (PBL) was utilized.

As a member of the Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM) and also the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), Rusty is an active learner who continues the study of best practices in mathematics education both through these professional groups and also being active in online social networks. With the goal of continuing to improve mathematics education, Rusty Anderson plays an active role in the current mathematics education landscape.