Edgerton Weekly #21

February 12, 2016

Equity In All We Do-Reflective Conversations

During the months of January and February we've been having reflective conversations on Domain 5a and 5c. The conversations have been reflective and thoughtful. Thank you to each of you for having conversations that reflect on cultural responsive and competent teaching. If you haven't scheduled your reflective conversations with Lizabeth, Melissa or Laura please do so asap.


Thank you for connecting with our families during conferences both this week and next week. I know how hard long days, combined with being away from our families, can be. I appreciate all your time and energy.

I also notice and value the relationships and connections you are building with families. Thank you for talking to them about their children. As a parent myself, it means so much to me when I hear a teacher share something positive about my child. Last night I heard many of you doing the same with your parents. I also heard staff sharing honest, but kind feedback in areas we want students to grow and improve. Thanks for being the great staff that you are. You guys rock!

Staffing Reminder!

Principals will be meeting to learn about staffing allocations in late February. A staffing plan is due back to the district in March. If there is anything you want me to know going into staffing or if you have requests for changes please let me know by Feb. 19.

Upcoming Professional Development

  • On Thursday, February 25 we will have a staff meeting. We'll do a quick activity on Positive Phone Calls home and then share something the E-Team has been learning about called Windows and Mirrors.
  • Due to full agendas for staff meetings and professional development, we'll be sharing the EP Data in upcoming EP PLC Meetings.
  • On Friday, March 4 we have a professional development day. We'll spend the morning on assessing Learning Targets and have an introduction Language Objectives and other best practice EL instruction. The afternoon will focus on Math Expressions. Miles will be here for a bit to walk us through Math Expressions and best practice math instruction. You'll also have time to explore the Math Expressions materials and/or do some planning for Math Expressions.

Jeans for Teens!

We got the following message from Jeanna Hinderer regarding Jeans for Teens. Notice one of the two schools in the lead! Keep bringing in those jeans!

I’m pleasantly surprised and delighted to tell you that I’ve collected over 100 pair of jeans so far. Edgerton and Parkview families have really been cleaning out their closets - thank you!!

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Growth Mindset Grading

The short video below is a really powerful look at grading and formative assessment. I appreciated the focus the teacher places on learning. She states, "Now when I give tests back they are continuing to learn". Take a look!
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