Out Of The Dust

Karen Hesse

Out of the dust is about a girl ( Billie Joe ) who has lost her mother because she was really hot and got some water but it was really cooking grease and she burned and died so did the baby in her . and has a shaky relationship with her father . As if its worse a dust bowl comes . Its ruins the crops and neighbors leave for California were the gold rush is happening . They said it would rain but when the rain came it washed all the soil away and flooded the crops . They had revived a letter from a family member to come live with them. But they don't accept . So Billie Joe runs away and hops on a train meets an old man and and they share some stale biscuits . Then they go to go to sleep . When she wakes up in the morning the biscuits are gone and a picture is left in exchange . then she goes back home and goes to be with her father .
THE DUST BOWL: A Film By Ken Burns | Premieres Sun., Nov. 18th | PBS
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