University Prep at YALE UNIVERSITY

- Week Two Updates -

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University Prep: Week Two

Pictured above: Big happy family photo after an 8-hour day at the Six Flags New England amusement park.

WEEK TWO is quickly coming to an end and we're sadly left with our last SIX days here at Yale University. The days have been packed since our last newsletter. To quickly recap, we've seen FOUR colleges in TWO states. We've taken ONE more SAT. We've spent EIGHT hours at Six Flags New England. We've had TWO movie nights, ONE yoga class, and ONE highly-competitive scavenger hunt. Then there was the HUNDREDS of laughs that came in between. If any of this intrigues you, read on to learn more about some of this week's highlights!

Hey, Six Flags New England!

After the second SAT of the session last Saturday morning, the kids were ready for a day of relaxation and fun at the Six Flags New England amusement park. Although the weather forecast tried to trump our spirits with scattered showers (and some torrential downpours) throughout the day, it didn't succeed. Some students bought matching ponchos, others braved the storm alone, but all of us made it out alive and happy. Take a look at some of the photos for a better idea of what the day entailed.

- Six Flags Snapshots -



WHEN: Tuesday
WHERE: Providence, Rhode Island
WHICH SCHOOLS: Providence College and Brown University

WHEN: Thursday
WHERE: Amherst, Massachusetts
WHICH SCHOOLS: Amherst College and University of Massachusetts Amherst

We saw a variety of schools this week, from quite small (Amherst College) to very big (UMASS Amherst) to somewhere in between (Brown University). Our students continued to ask insightful questions in the information sessions and on the campus tours, and perhaps discovered an interest in a school that they didn't originally think they had. We got a taste of the schools - quite literally - by dining at the Providence College and UMASS Amherst dining halls. Students also had time on Thursday afternoon to explore Thayer Street, a popular hangout for students at Brown University in Providence. Next week, we'll travel to two major cities - BOSTON and NEW YORK CITY - to see several more schools!

UPREP Scavenger Hunt

Last Friday, the four UPREP Counselor Groups competed against each other in the SECOND ANNUAL UPREP SCAVENGER HUNT. Although all the groups returned equally hilarious and creative photographic evidence of their escapades, in the end it was Faith's group who came out on top. The pictures speak for themselves, so I'll allow them to do most of the explaining. Enjoy!
Hopper Murray was a star of the show in executing all of the silly poses that we asked for on the scavenger hunt. No wonder Logan's counselor group did so well!

- Campus Candids -

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Pictured above: All smiles after Rec Hour.

And now, just some of our magical moments caught on campus:
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After a jam-packed week of work and fun, we hit the Yoga Studio on Friday night for some much-needed stress relief. Pictured above is Constanza, Sari, Antonio, Mia, Nancy, and Emily preparing for the class. Perfect timing before Saturday morning's THIRD SAT exam. Here's to another great week ahead!