all about energy

by lailonie lanay terrell

Do You Know Energy?

Do you know that energy can be Sound, Light, Chemical, Heat, Electrical and Mehanical.
When the book hits the floor, the kinetic energy is transform into heat and sound energy. the water that runs over the dam might be used to power an electric generator. the mechanical kinetic energy of the water transforms into electrical energy.
Some of the water behind the dam was there because the sun evaporated it and deposited it at a higher level where it could flow down hill .solar energy was transforms into mechanical potential energy.

if something falls what is it?

A book is placed on a shelf in that will be kintic the book sits on the shelf so it will be potential the books fall off the shelf so it will be kinetic the book hits the floor and that will be sound.
Green plants transform the solar energy into food which is form of stored chemical energy.