Move to the Southern Colonies

Move here to have a great life!


In our colony we used to just have protestants and catholics, but now we have religious freedom for all christians. No other can offer something like this, you can believe whatever you want. We will not tell you, what you have to be believe in. Do whatever you want to do. Move here!


Also, if you want fresh food, and a great ocean view. Come here, we are right next to the Atlantic Ocean! You can get whatever you want. Enjoy the beautiful ocean with your family and friends and get some great water and food here. Don't miss on this great oppurtunity we are giving you. No other colony will give you this!

Political System

Here in our great beautiful southern colony, we have our own government. We are never like anyone else, we have our own things. Another reason why you should join us here. Our colony and other colonies, we all have a legislature. That's alright because we need someone to enforce our laws. We can't have everyone doing whatever they want to do whenever they want. We are a great colony, join us!