OELC Staff Weekly Updates

Progress Delayed Isn't Progress Denied! 12/14/15

What's Happening Now?

Every man stamps his value on himself...man is made great or small by his own will. -J.C.F. von Schiller

Time Sheets/PD Summary Sheets: Submit your time sheets and your completed PD Summary sheets Wednesday, December 16, 2015--No Exceptions, as Angie will be on vacation.

Exclusions: If a family is excluded, you must direct them to the office, prior to them leaving their child(ren). Do not take them in your class. This is a verbal warning.

Please add the Pesticide Policy to your monthly newsletters. Rule R400.8380 (9) Liquid spray or aerosol insecticide applications will not be performed in a room of a center unless the room will be unoccupied by children for not less than 4 hours or longer if required by the pesticide label for use.

Staff Meeting Wednesday, December 16 at 6:30pm. This is a mandatory meeting. We will wrap the gifts from the "Giving Tree."

Click on the blue box--its a live link to forms.

Weekly Update Feedback: PD, Food & Contest

*Just 5 quick questions to answer*

Budget-This is how we will pay for it!

In the future, if you would like to request supplies, please put a request in the supply folder in the front office before the 15th of the month. Orders will be placed at the beginning of each month (contingent on the budget). The following orders were placed this week. I will notify you when your supplies come in: GSRP CLK order dated 11.6.15, GSRP LEO order dated 10.21.15 and a storage bin for bikes, toddler class some of the items from 10.13.15 and PSO order dated 8.25.15.
Hot Topic: "Sick Days!"

Your input is important! Please share your thoughts and suggestions.

Licensing Update

2016 Renewals: OELC, DA & CLK
Summary PD Logs must be turned in Wednesday, December 16th with your last time sheet for the year. The logs must be turned in with your time sheet, in order to receive your last pay of the year. NO EXCEPTIONS--ANGIE BROWN IS GOING ON VACATION DECEMBER 18TH! There should be PD logs for the last two years for OELC, DA, and CLK (January 1, 2014-December 31, 2014 and January 1, 2015-December 16, 2015). Leonard and Lakeville should only have PD hours dated January 1, 2015-December 16, 2015. Each site will start a new log sheet January 1, 2016. January 1, 2016, all employees must obtain 24 clock hours of PD annually. All new hires will have their PD hours adjusted according to their start date.

Bring your license binder to OELC before you leave for break! I will make sure all of the required materials are in the binder and will return them on the first day of school.


Improving our skills will improve our quality of instruction.

Thanks for attending Small Group Time on December 8th: Shari, Karen M., Suzanne, Sarah, Leanne, Minerva, Megan, Ashley, Cindy, Jillian, Sue S, Karen R., Dana, Debra, Kristen, Kelly L., Pat H., Shirley, Peggy, Melissa G., Desiray, Karen P., Jessica and Jennifer!

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Extended Day Updates

Three Practical Ways to Develop "Gritty Students
  1. Create a learning environment that encourages calculated risk taking.
  2. Provide anecdotes of the importance of grit to the success of others.
  3. Praise students form being determined rather than for being "smart."

For more insight into the important role grit plays in education, watch Duckworth's TED Talk, "The Key to Success? Grit."

Christmas Catapults!

Teach students about fulcrum points, force, load and levers by building a simple

catapult machine! See how it's done: http://ow.ly/VKqyC

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Early Childhood Updates

Upload your Parent Teacher Conference schedule to the shared drive, before you leave for break.

Clear your counters and send the student's work home.

Early childhood team meetings before the staff meeting @ 5pm.--Special Education RTI

Early Childhood Video Feedback (SGT)

Have a colleague complete the attached video feedback form. Remember to include your lesson plan. This is due December 18, 2015, before you leave for break!

Holiday Staff Meeting

Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 6:30-8:30pm

105 Pontiac Street

Come on out to our last Staff Meeting in 2015!

  1. Break Bread!
  2. Wrap Gifts!
  3. Wear Your "Ugly Holiday Sweater!" If you do, you can wear JEANS to work!
  4. Reminisce on all of our Accomplishments!

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Bowling at Collier Lanes in Oxford

Saturday, Dec. 19th, 8pm

879 South Lapeer Road


Come on out!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Where to Go For Help?

Washea Jackson, Director cell 248-622-8753, office 248-969-5047
Sue Roeher, Program Coordinator cell 248-969-5036, office 248-969-5036
Pat Mueller, Education Coordinator cell 248-626-7638, office 248-969-5082
Pam Andrew, Parent Coordinator (off)
Beki Story Office Administrator office 248-969-5038

2015/2016 Approved Subs

Destiny Bunton 616-802-4042
Loretta Christenson 248-276-0691
Miranda Chambers 248-535-0584
Jan Garreston 248-628-4218
Dorothy Graham 248-236-0361 and 248-464-0788
Kim Keenan 248-462-1304
Denise Nichols 248-672-7886

Help Desk-Jason French 969-1898

Maintenance Bob Amlotte 969-5078