Autobiography of Thomas Hooker

By: Thomas Hooker


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My Life (Left front flap)

I was born on July 7th, 1586 in Markfield, Leicestershire, England. In about 1626 I became a lecturer in Chelmsford, Essex at the Church of St. Mary. I lectured on my passion for the Evangelical way of life. Meaning, the Bible is the one and only power in my life. I only was trying to help innovate the beliefs of the puritans, until an attack on the Church in 1629. I left my country in 1630, fleeing to Holland. For 3 years, I gave up my bond and came to the Massachusetts Colony in 1633.

The Reason I came to the Massachusetts Colony was for Religious Freedom. However when I was here I became a Pastor, and led them to Cambridge, Connecticut in 1633.

Summary (Back Inside Flap)

My name is Thomas Hooker, as you know I led my group of Puritans to Connecticut. I was successful in my efforts. It was hard for me to do what I do because I often miss home. However, gratefully I traveled to Massachusetts as no mistake and look where God has brought me too. A group of Puritans!

I have also written numerous amount of books. One in particular is called "Soul's Humilation".

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Reviews (Back Cover)

The book is great, and really explains what Thomas Hooker did for his group. - Miquille Bryant

The book focus's on how Thomas Hooker left Massachusetts in 1636 and established a colony in Connecticut. - Byron Hailey.