Dragster Project

By: Jenna Paul


1. What is Speed?

The definition of speed is, Rapidity of movement or action: "excessive speed"; "the speed of events".

2. What factors in the design of a car have an effect on speed?

I choose a truck because, trucks are know for having a fair amount in gas millage, as they can go far and fast while towing a heavy load.

3. How does modeling and prototyping help with the development of products?

Models bring ideas to life and help win over those who don't quite understand what your idea is or how it can help them. After you think of an inspiration, you convert your idea into a working model. If you don't, all you have is a thought or a sketch.


1. What factors are important for a successful launch of your car?

Make sure that there is no friction. Also Aerodynamics and speed.

2. What are the best features of your car?

They way it has been shaped, to make the air slide over the surface of the car.

3. Is there anything about your car that will negatively affect its performance?

The front end of the truck is partly flat, also the fact that it is heavier my decrees its performance

4. How many mph do you think your car will go?

I think around 20mph just because it is a heavier dragster.

My Reflection

  • What turned out well?

My run overall did not go as well as I hoped, due to the heaviness of the truck.

  • What did you enjoy the most?

Being able to work with the tools in the wood shop, and being able to create our own car out of wood.

  • What could be better? What would you improve or do differently next time?

The weight of the car I think slowed down its performance, so I would hollow out in between the axles so it makes the car more lighter.

  • What was your least favorite part?

Nothing really, I really did enjoy creating a car and have the ability to do this project in school.