david and goliath

chapter six

reflection over chapter six

This chapter of the book revolves around a famous image captured in 1963 of an African American student protester being attacked by a police mens german shepard. The students face stood still as if it were screaming “take me, here i am.” He then begins to explain that this revolt wouldn’t have started if it wasn’t for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was once an underdog himself, but then again all African Americans were forced to be. Malcolm Gladwell goes on to discuss the movements African Americans began to make for equal rights. Leading up to The March. The march was led by Walker, not many showed up to the march to begin with, but he delayed it until many others came to join. Walker also used African American school children to draw sympathy from the public. As the walk went on the city’s public safety commissioner used powerful firehoses to keep them at bay, followed by that a german shepherd was released and the photograph was shot. The picture was used to portray police brutality and draw more attention and sympathy to their movement.

thoughts on chapter six

This chapter not only refreshed my memory of how cruel the white man’s power once was, but also has a lot in common with the holocaust. The jewish were onced beat, murdered, burned, and enslaved by another’s religion, or race. The African Americans were enslaved because of the color of their skin, not by religion or wealth. The jews were enslaved by what they believed in and burned for it. The chapter of the African Americans being brutally and publicly beat is not too much different from what’s going on today in our everyday life. The Isis terrorist group takes the lives of innocent people around the world, because not everyone holds the same beliefs as them.

relating to my life

With the African Americans being underdogs i can relate them to my life as my mother being an underdog. My mother grew up in a broken home where nobody believed in her or even cared about her. Her parents told her on a daily basis how she wasn’t the clothes off their backs. She grew a drug addiction when she was about 14, her and my dad both. When she was 16 she hitchhiked to California by herself and her parents hardly noticed she was gone. She was in several relationships where she was beaten and talked down to, that resulted in multiple hospital trips. Nobody knew a Carey without drugs in her veins, nobody thought she’d ever stop. In 2011 she was arrested with possession, in 2013 she was released from prison and has been sober ever since. She was seen as less than she was and she overcame what she was made out to be and now attends college and is happy with her life.