Monday Memo

March 23, 2015

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Social Studies Weekly has given us a the guest login for all of their online resources.

Login to Feel free to login using the username TXteacher and password demo to see the teacher materials. Also if you want to look at the student resources, login with the username TXstudent and password demo. Feel free to use any of their online resources for the rest of the school year.
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Remember that grades are due on Monday at 6:00pm.

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March 23 504 Meeting for TW Bergara

March 23 9:00 ARD for CW Hansbury, Cely, Gibson

March 23 Grades due at 6:00

March 24 Superhero Snack Day

March 24 Happy Birthday Mary Wendt

March 24 Happy Birthday Althea Whitaker

March 24 8:15 ARD for SW Castillo, Puckett, Steigleder

March 24 12:15 ARD for ES Minter, Fedde, Gibson

March 24 3:30 Verification sheets due

March 24 3:40 SST Meeting

March 25 Elementary PLC Wear your college shirt and jeans.

March 25 STAAR A Tutorials

March 25 Report cards go home

March 26 8:15 504 Meeting for TT Bergara

March 26 STAAR A Tutorials

March 27 Happy Birthday Cali McQueen

March 27 504 Meeting for NL Reames

March 27 STAAR A Tutorials

March 30 4th Grade STAAR Writing Day 1

March 31 4th Grade STAAR Writing Day 2

March 31 5th Grade STAAR Reading

April 2 Picture Day

April 3 Make-up snow day

April 3 TELPAS Writing samples due

April 5 Happy Easter!

April 6 Happy Birthday Shannon Meshell

April 6 RPTE 2nd Grade 8:30

April 6 RPTE 3rd Grade 10:00

April 6 RTPE 4th & 5th Grade 1:00

April 7 Superhero Snacks

April 8 Elementary PLC Wear your college shirt and jeans.

April 9 Open House

April 10 Happy Birthday Nikki Fossett

April 13 9:45 ARD for HS Castillo, Witler, Gibson

April 14 Happy Birthday Mr. Yeager

April 14 Happy Birthday Sharon McKnight

April 14-17 Camp Grady Spruce

April 15 3 Week Reports

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Make sure that you have completed the STAAR Test Administrator Training and printed your certificate. Please put your certificates in my mailbox.

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Prayers needed....

  • Please keep Amanda Silva in your prayers. She continues to struggle with anxiety.
  • Bill Reed's mother and Charlotte King's mother-in-law are having some health issues. Please keep them in your prayers.
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  • Keep collecting those TELPAS Writing samples! Remember they are due on April 3.
  • Make sure that you have recently reviewed students' 504 and SPED accommodations! Keep samples of proof that you are providing the accommodations.
  • Please put April 3 - School in Session and April 9 - Open House in your weekly notes to parents.
  • Remember if you are considering retention, you should already have met with the parents to let them know it is a possibility. Fill out the retention form, and have the parents sign it. Send me a copy of the form.
  • I will send you an update on your activity balances. Be sure to get those spent by April 15th. Go ahead and put in requisitions for end of year activities.
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