food chain

The dolphins food sources are fish, mackerel, herring, cod, and squid, the baby dolphins drink milk. The dolphin is a carnivore. Its predator is a fish. Its prey are sharks. killer whales, and humans


The endangered dolphin is all over the world in the ocean. They prefer cold water rather than warm, they rarely like warm waters


The endangered dolphin is a mammal. It loses skin. In length the dolphins are 6 feet. The communicate by using something called echo-location.


The dolphin swims extremely fast. Its body structures are its backbone, dorsal, fins, flukes, hind limbs, for limbs, skull, soft tissues, very powerful legs to let them swim extremely fast, and its teeth. And it is easy for them to hide from their predators when the swim fast.

reason dolphins are endangered

The reason that dolphins are endangered is because when humans go fishing instead of catching fishes they sometimes accidentally catch dolphins because when the dolphins are swimming around they get caught in the fishing net.