Battle of Quebec

By Quinn Miller


A important battle took place on New Years Eve, 1775 in Quebec, Canada. The two American leaders were Colonel Benedict Arnold and Brigadier General Richard Montgomery. The battle was one of the first in the Revoluitionary War. The outcome of this battle was a very important win for one force, but brought many losses for the other force. Since Benedict Arnold was a famous person in American history I will talk a little more about him before I talk more about the battle.

Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold was a leader for the Americans during the first half of the Revolouitionary War. He was one of the leaders for the Americans during this battle. Benedict was born on January 14, 1741, in Norwich, Connecticut. There were 11 kids in his family, and he was one of only two kids to survive into adulthood. After his childhood he volunteered to be in the French and Indian War. After the French and Indian War he became a Colonel in the Revolouitionary War. In April 1779 he married a wealthy Philadelphian woman Peggy Shippen. A year later he betrayed his country. That is now what he is most known for. About 20 years after the Americans won the war he died in London, England on June 14, 1801. Benedict Arnold's job during this battle was to lead the Americans to a victory.

The Battle of Quebec

The Battle of Quebec was one of the first battles in the Revolouitionary War. The battle took place on December 31st, 1775. It was -30 degrees outside, and there was a blizzard. In the battle the Americans had two leaders. The first of these leaders was colonel Benedict Arnold, and Brigadier General Richard Montgomery. The British on the other hand only had one general. His name is Guy Carlenton. At the start of the battle, the Americans had 1,200 soldiers, and the British had 1,800 soldiers. During the battle one American General was wounded, and the other was killed. Benedict Arnold was shot in the leg, and replaced by Daniel Morgan. Sadly for the Americans Richard Montgomery was killed. Now the British started to think since the Americans leaders are done maybe we have a chance at winning the battle.

The Outcome

The battle of Quebec brought new hope to the one force, but the other had many losses. The Americans started with 1,200 soldiers, and 48 of them were killed. However for the British only 5 men were killed. The British came out with no men captured, but they caught 431 American soliders. The Britsh had 14 soldiers wounded, and the Americans had 34 soldiers wounded. For these reasons the American lost the battle. The British had been losing a lot of battles, so this battle gave the British the hope that they needed to drive them to think we can win this war.


Altogether the battle was definitely a very sad battle for the Americans, and a very important British victory. It also was an example that Benedict Arnold helped his country before eventually betraying his country. To repeat the battle was one of the first of the Revolouitionary War. Finally, it had brought the British one of their first victories. Luckily for the Americans one battle does not make a war.
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Revolouitionary: engaged in or promoting political revolution

Blizzard: a severe snowstorm with high winds and low visibility

Brigadier General: an officer in the U.S. Army, Air Force or Marine Corps ranking above colonel and below major general