Keyword Searching!

How Do You Find Out What You Need to Know?

Need Help Getting Started? Watch This Video.

Click below to watch a video showing how to identify and use keywords to find information in World Book Online.
PSchoen Online Keyword Searching Screencast

Need a Little More Practice? Take a Look Here!

Remember the Google Form we worked on? Why not take a look and familiarize yourselves with what we've already worked on!

Still Need Help? Go to the Library Webpage!

Click on the link below to visit my webpage and read through the Helpful Tips for Research.

Credible Information at Your Fingertips...

Here's the website you will need to find the information you seek:

World Book Online

Now Test Your Knowledge...

Once you're ready, click on this hyperlink to take a little practice test. Don't worry! It's not part of your grade, but you do have to take it. You can do it!