NBA Basketball Player

Ball till I fall By: Coulter McCuistion

Education and Training

There is not really anything they have to go through one year of college before entering the draft but there is not any requirements besides that one. The training part you have to know how to play basketball at a very high skill level and practice every day and chase your dreams.

$Average salary$

Around 16,000,000 to 20,000,000 Is the average if you are one of the best you get payed up to 25,000,000 like Kobe Bryant and Lebron James and Stephen Curry.

Job Duties and Tasks

You have to work your butt of practice everyday and excel past your grade if you want to be one of the best. In the summer you need to get up and train and practice and if you are that good you need to get on an AAU team. Once you make it there you should not be done yet just keep on pushing your self to the max and hard work pays off. You would have to play lots of games to get to that level and at that level.

Job outlook

It is not really suppose to grow but it will 6% and then the draft people so there will be more. That become and go into the professional sports like the NBA and MLB and NFL.

Knowledge Areas

They need to have a really good basketball IQ. Also you need to know the game and how it is played but basically once you make it there you know of it all and really well.


You need to know how to shoot and dribble and pass and more. By then you should know how to do it crazy good. The main thing is you need to be able to do all of that stuff with some of the best players in the world guarding you.

Working Conditions

They practice two times a day and on game days at home they practice and then rest and get ready for the game. During regular practice days after practice they may have to go do something like community service or something like that.

Related occupations

NBA writer and sports announcer and on sports center.

Reason this is your dream job??!!

It is my dream job because I have always liked sports and I love basketball it is my favorite sport and i would love to go pro so it is simply my dream.

Interesting facts

The NBA started in 1946. At first they did not have a three point line but now they do. Jerry west is the headline of the NBA logo.

What is my dream job?

It is to be a professional basketball player otherwise know as in the NBA. It is basically every other kids dream to be in the NBA too but I want to make it happen.

What about your dream job makes it your dream job?

Because it is a basically dream come true to me and I would go crazy if I made it to that level but that is on me not them cause I have to make that happen.