Bored? Come to our NEW Music Shop!

The Mixer - The place where beats are born, made and played.

Opening Soon!

Our new shop is open on April 1st and you can receive one free download (voucher below) as well as a Mixer bracelet or band! You can comment on our website about what you thought about the shop as we would love to hear your opinion. We will be open from 11 until 4 in Eldon Square, Newcastle. I hope to see you there!

Times and Events

Our usual times will be:

Mon- 10am - 5pm

Tue- 10am - 5pm

Wed - Closed

Thurs - 10am - 5pm

Fri - 10am - 5pm

Sat - 9am - 6pm

Sun - 10pm - 4pm

On our opening day we will be open from 11 til 4 and we will have a short gathering at the start for about 5 minutes. From then on you will be free to roam our store and we will always be happy to help you. We have a cafe to relax in as well as a pods to chill in and listen to music in.

Special Guests

One the day 3 celebrities will be at our event. One surprise guest but the other two are shown below. This could just be the chance to see a celebrity of your dreams!


Print off this leaflet and cut out the voucher and bring it into our store for your first download for free!.

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