Geography and Life in Latin America

Robbie Peters

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Physical Features of Latin America

There are many physical features in Latin America


  • the Andes mountain range
  • the Amazon rain forest
  • Angle Falls

Bodies of Water:

  • the Caribbean Sea
  • Pacific Ocean
  • the Amazon River


  • Topical climate: Amazon River Basin, Pacific coast, Columbia,Orinoco River Basin, Brazilian Highlands, West Ecuador
  • Temperate Climate: Argentina, Pompas, Brazil

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Physical Features Impacting Population

The Andes Mountains

The Andes mountain range greatly affect the population of the west side of South America. This is because the mountains create a rocky region that is not good for farming and agriculture.Farming and agriculture and fishing are the three main occupations that people do for a living in South america, but this is not an easy task withe the rocky soil, and most of the fishing is done on the Atlantic since of South America( There is still some fishing done on the pacific side) so raising livestock is the main occupation there. The Andes have roughly 80 million people out of the whole west side of South America. This might sound like a lot, but south america has a lot times more people.

Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean greatly affects the Population by having rich soil so agriculture and farming brings in lots of people, they have great fishing grounds witch is also a very big choice for people occupation wise so that will bring in alot of people, so overall, the Atlantic ocean brings in a lot of people witch affects the population greatly. The population of the east and atlantic coast is about (this might not be updated) 414 million people increasing rapidly every day


Most of the deforestation is happening in the rain forests the main ones being the Amazon rain forest. More than 20 percent of the rain forest has been demolished since 2007. Most of the cause is from people clearing massive amounts of land to maker the ginormous farms, and lots of illegal logging is happening,deforestation is a very big problem in south America