By Lorenzo Bergamasco

What is calcium?

Calcium is an alkaline earth metal.

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When was the element first discovered?

Calcium was first discovered in 1808, in the 19th century.

Who discovered it, and how?

Humphry Davy discovered Calcium, in an experiment when he combined lime and mercury oxide together, which was an accident when he actually discovered the new element: "calcium".

What is the symbol for the element?

Calcium's chemical symbol is Ca.

Why does it have this symbol?

It has the name because it derives from Latin 'calx', meaning lime.

Where is this element found?

Calcium can be found when mining substances from underground.

It is rare or abundant on Earth?

Calcium is very abundant on Earth.

There are 2 types of calcium, also known as the most common ones are: calcium carbonate and calcium citrate.

There are many uses for calcium: Humans use to kind of strengthen muscles, for example milk. Humans drink milk because it contains a lot of calcium, which gives out a lot of energy.

Or when building or for chemical experiments.