Behavior Management Project

EDSP 777

About Our Student

  • 2nd grade male
  • Ware Elementary at Fort Riley
  • Teacher-recommended
  • Behavior chart

Target Behavior

Increase on-task behavior (i.e. sitting quietly, eyes on speaker, working on assignment) through the use of positive reinforcement (i.e. high five, verbal praise, verbal encouragement).

Why Does This Behavior Happen?

  • Antecedent: teacher asking the student that he complete a task
  • Student's response: procrastination or do the opposite of what the teacher asked
  • Reason for behavior: seeking attention

Data Collection

  • Event recording: records the number of times a behavior occurs
  • Tallied every time the student responded to being corrected by the teacher or when he responded to positive behavior.
  • Time frame: student's math time, 1:00 to 1:40pm
  • Findings: first 2 weeks, student responded to being corrected more than positive reinforcement
  • Intervention: utilizing behavior chart, increasing positive reinforcement (high fives, verbal praise, encouragement)
  • Findings: student was on-task more when we used positive reinforcement