Anderson Eagle's news letter

week of 4/4 -4/8

Building Principal: Barbara Watkins

Anderson Attendance: (810) 591-5830

Please continue to call you students in when they are not going to be attending school.

Dimes for Diapers

Anderson students are participating in the Dimes for Diapers campaign.

All money raised from our students will stay in Genesee County.

The collection date runs from April 1st. through the 30th.

Sloan Virtual Family Family Night! How exciting. Please plan to log on with the link your teacher will send you.

We will be having a Virtual Family Night. Kits to participate will be coming home next week. We ask that all parents participate. Each classroom is assigned a date and time to participate starting on 4/12/22 through 4/14/22. You will get a direct invitation and link from your teacher next week.

Families that participated last year said they really enjoyed the Virtual Family Night/Field Trip and had a lot of fun!

Virtual Family Night Detail: Please note: your teacher will be sending out your link

Tuesday: 4/12/22 Time 5:00 - 6:00

Sloan Family Field Trip

Classes are Miss Stevens, activity Trip Trap

Mrs. Wray, activity Trip Trap

Mrs. Lopez, activity Trip Trap

Mrs. Bullock, activity Trip Trap

Please watch for your link from your teacher!!

Wednesday: 4/13/22 At 5:00 - 6:00 Sloan Family Field Trip,

Classes are Mrs. Howd, activity Trip Trap

Miss Kiser, activity Trip Trap

Mrs. Cranston & Mrs. Pinkston Ecosystems

Please watch for your link from your teacher!!

Thursday: 4/14/22 Sloan Family Field Trip 5:00 - 6:00

Classes are Mrs. Edward, Mrs. Jozwiak & Mrs. Books activity Ecosystems

Please watch for your link from your teacher!!

Friday: 4/15/22 Good Friday NO SCHOOL

Thursday: 5/12/22 Mother / Son Picnic at Anderson more information to come, we will have a ticket sale amount to be determined.

Saturday: 5/21/22 Daddy / Daughter Dance will be held at McGrath for both buildings tickets are on sale flyers sent home to girls on 4/8/22.