Allison's super cool dance studio

Our dance tradition

Our dance tradition

Every year we have dance shows winter and spring. In our studio we have jazz,kick,ballet,lyrical,hip-hop,tap,and karate! Then we all go to a high school dance team dance team. In our history,we didn't have a ballet room or studio. Just last year we added our new ballet studio. Our ballet studio is a company called Storia. Even though the ballet teacher is a boy he still makes us work hard.


My dance community

Our dance community is located in Sartell, MN. It is called Just For Kix. I mean we are not as good as a professional. It is by the Sartell corborns.but two really good girls named Maddi and Kelsy are pretty much the best dancers in our studio. They are their from 3:45 and 8:45. The 5 HOURS wow.