Technology Update June


End of the Year Reminders

Teacher Website Move - If you are transferring to another school and have a teacher page through SchoolMessenger that you would like to have moved please complete this form to request the move.

Google Transfer or Google Takeout - If you or your students will be leaving the district at the end of the school year, Google Transfer or Takeout allows you to transfer your documents and email to a personal Google account. Here are new directions that include both Transfer and Takeout.

Student account deletion - Students with graduation years of 2021 will be deleted on 07/01/2022.

Retiring or Leaving the District (staff only) - If you have documents, slides, sheets, etc. in Google that you own and other staff members use, please ensure they are in a shared drive or you change the ownership of these items to someone else in the district. If you do not transfer ownership of items they will be deleted when your Google account is deleted. If you filter Google Drive and select “Owned by me” you will see the documents you own and you can change ownership of the ones other people use. Right click on the document and select “Share” and then click on the dropdown to the right of the person who will be the new owner and select “Transfer ownership” and click on the save button.

Shared Folders - If you are changing schools, retiring or going on a leave of absence you should make someone else the Manager of any Shared Folders you currently manage. Right click on the folder and select “Manage Members” and assign a new manager.

Interested in Gaining Ed Tech Skills This Summer

All of the professional development provided by the Ed Tech Department this year was recorded and is available on this website. Throughout the summer we will be adding more resources.

Google offers free online courses to help educators better utilize their tools. Visit this website to learn more.

Tech Lead Teacher

Need help with Ed Tech? Every school has one, or two ,Tech Lead Teachers to answer questions and provide professional development for their school. If you are in need of help please reach out to the person supporting your school. Please visit the SMUSD Staff PD website for the complete list of Tech Lead Teachers for each school.