CMS Homecoming Flash Mob

For teacher and staff eyes only!

On 9/18 YOU are invited to wow our students with a surprise flash mob!

During the homecoming assembly, all teachers and staff are secretly invited to participate in a flash mob. During the assembly, we will all form a group on the gym floor and perform a fantastic synchronized dance to Whip Nae Nae by Silento.

We will meet several times as a group to rehearse our wicked moves. I strongly suggest a virtual trip to youtube so that you may become familiar with the "whip nae nae" dance moves. Here are several links for your viewing pleasure:

And if you're still not sure what a flash mob is, here is an example:

It's such a great day to be a cardinal!!

****If you are interested in participating (you know you are!) then pretty please fill out the google form attached to the bottom of this page OR fill out the sign up sheet in the lounge so that we can anticipate how large our group will be/send only the appropriate people emails.

CMS Flash Mob

Friday, Sep. 18th, 3pm


Please wear as much cardinal attire as humanly possible. There may be a tutu creating social event after school during the next two weeks. All participants are welcome.
9/11 (Friday) - Meet for 10 mins before school in gym @7:15

9/17 (Thursday)- Final meeting for 15-20 mins before school in gym @7:10 (2 run throughs)

9/15 (Tuesday) - Craft night for making tutus. Bring your own tulle and beverage/snack. Location TBA.

**Dates are subject to change, emails will be sent out.