My best projects in tech for 2015

By Hayley Tambling.


I really loved making the collages. I used to make them all the time on my phone. So that was pretty easy. I have to say it was one of my best projects. It was also very easy. We had to make three collages. One of me, and two more of my choice. I got a 100/100. That is pretty great, but those are easy.

Editing images.

This was a recent project. It was actually before this one. All we had to do was edit pictures. But we had to be the one that took them One had to be of ourselves. The second one had to be of something old so we could "recreate" them. The last two were of our choices.

This is my third favorite project I did. We got to pick and image shape, then we thought of words that describe ourselves. And this is the result. I got a 50/50.

Canva posters.

This is were we made posters of our choice. I got a 40/40. One was supposed to be inspirational, and the other one was jut fun.


This is about one of my favorite singers, Andrew (Andy) Biersack. I got a 75/80
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