Guernsey College of FE Weekly Newsletter Issue 74

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There is no two ways about it. The workload is high, expectations are high and desire to do the right thing for our learners is high too. This means we also need to keep the morale high.

“10 reasons to be cheerful” section of Engage, encourages you to nominate what makes you feel cheerful at the College. What keeps you going when the going gets tough? We will publish these weekly to cheer us all up.

1. New babies born this week :)

2. Paddleboarding this weekend

3. Visiting Alderney this weekend

4. Guns n' Roses reforming!

5. Roy has finished his Assessor award - well done Roy!

6. Day 14 of 30/30 rides! The team are doing well!

7. Post arriving from UK... after a month! :)

8. Daughter visiting from UK

9. Students on CITV - tune in tonight at 6.00pm

10. Sunshine!

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Please send any books you might have to give away, to Jan at Delancey Reception for the Book Table at the above event. Thank you!

Marketing Request Form

If you have a need for any marketing materials including brochures, web pages, adverts, posters, social media campaign imagery or any other marketing jobs you need to complete the following form.

There is 4 weeks notice for all jobs except for social media requests which require one week notice. Before placing a request be sure to discuss your request and agree it with your Faculty Director , Head of LSS or Director of Operations. You can also email Trish on marketing@gcfe.net

Click here to complete the Marketing Request Form: http://form.jotformeu.com/form/52743824060351

Who's Who!

We are looking to put a Who’s Who section on My CFE in the near future which I am sure you will find helpful. In order to help us have this publication produced you are all asked to complete this short form with information about yourself that we can then edit and use to produce the College’s Who’ Who document. http://form.jotformeu.com/form/52463061053345


We are delighted to have Deputy Paul Le Pelley elected as the president of ESC committee. Deputy Le Pelley has been a great source of encouragement for the College and we look forward to working with him in his new role.

Our thanks Jon Buckland Chief Secretary of the ESC committee who also spent time this week with the College Leadership Team and Executive team offering support, guidance and advice. His input, attention and presence was very welcome and we look forward to having him again at the College when his time allows. Jon also led a very productive meeting involving College Executive team and key colleagues from the States of Guernsey on Governance arrangements for CFE. More on this in due course. Our thanks to all who took part. We are grateful for your support on our journey.

We are also pleased to have been given the results of the well being survey that over 65% of staff took part in, at end of last term. We will be sharing the results with you at the next all staff briefing meeting on 15 June.

We are keen to get the ball rolling and creating some specific focus groups to help understand some of the hot spot areas highlighted in the survey results in more detail.

If you are interested in taking part in being part of such focus groups please get in touch with Laura.

I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to help us review the arrangements put in place to deliver the Curriculum at our College since September 2015. Your feedback is of great value and we appreciate your input. We are interested in all aspects of the Curriculum delivery including staffing, systems, processes, resources and anything else you may wish to comment on. This survey is open to all staff. The results of this survey will be shared on 5 July all staff training day. Deadline for this survey is 27 June 2016. You can take part in this survey through this link : http://tinyurl.com/go6g3x2

If you missed the all staff briefing on 4 May you can see the presentation on this link.


My thanks to Charlie Towers for filming and editing the presentation.

Lastly, my congratulations to a very confident and inspiring performance of the performing arts students on JKT earlier this week -Charlie Cosnett, Jodie Hicks & Harry Giubileo. Their live performance was superb and I look forward to the show next week.

You can listen to them, at 1.12 hours into the show :http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03rpwg5

Leave Arrangements for Academic Staff: Please find a document outlining the leave arrangements for Academic Staff here: http://tinyurl.com/zhppjra


The winners of this round of PRIDE awards are:

The Enrichment Team” (Jon S, Charlie F and Lindsey H)

I saw first-hand the immense process that goes into Enrichment day in order that students have a variety of options when taking part – this took a lot of effort!

Martine Ellis - inspiring colleagues to give tech a go to improve their T&L, for example supported the H&EY team to set up their google classroom, Karen noted that formative assessment is much easier/quicker via Google Classroom and the quality of final assignments is improving

Rod Tostevin - he makes the Careers Show setting up seem effortless, and seems to know exactly what is needed by all. Always unperturbed and on top of things.


Many thanks to Jennette for helping to draw the names

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Attendance, Behaviour, ProMonitor, ProPortal, MarkBook, Minimum Target Grades, Personal Target Grades, ALPs, Qualifications on Entry…………
If reading the above, excites you… we can help!
We are looking for keen and enthusiastic staff to take part in this BIG project on student Target Setting. As we move towards fully embedding our use of ProMonitor to evidence how we are working on raising standards, student aspirations and supporting achievement, there are lots of ways in which we can use target setting to support students that we have not yet tapped into.
We need a cross section of staff across all areas of the curriculum, from those involved with all levels of delivery and support, from full time to apprenticeships and links programmes to curriculum support assistants, progress coaches, learner support staff and lecturers.
The aim of the group will be to identify how we can effectively embed target setting and the use of ProMonitor for all students across the college.

It doesn’t matter what your previous experience of Target Setting and understanding and use of ProMonitor is, you are welcome to join this BIG project.

Please contact Jeanette Hart if you are interested jeanetteh@gcfe.net

College news: The week that was!

From the Vice Princpal...

The next PLC (6) will be on Thursday 26 May at 4pm, and PLC 7 will take place on our next Staff Development Day on 5 July.

We understand that everyone is very busy, however, please remember that your PLC is designed for you to share and develop practice. The coaching team would like to understand how to improve this important CPD activity for everyone. To that end, there will be an anonymous survey coming out to you all. We want to shape the PLC to meet your development needs, and would really welcome your feedback through this survey. The coaching team have planned to meet and review the results in order to implement any changes going forward.

More details on our next Staff Development Day on 5 July will follow in the next couple of weeks.

We are now planning how, when and what Staff Development is offered next year and your Staff Development needs from your Performance Review and Professional Development are the key elements of this. Katie is collating this for the College, so please ensure your paperwork reaches her as soon as possible (katieb@gcfe.net)

In our financial planning we have allocated funds to support our people in Staff Development activities - which can either be events we put on within the College or external courses/conferences etc. Staff Development is a key aspect in our ambition of being world class, and if you have any views or ideas, or would like to contribute to Staff Development activities, please get in touch (at staffdev@gcfe.net)

because we want to make our Staff Development programmes as good as they can be.

News from IT

Prepare for the summer!

Over this year’s summer break IT Support will be upgrading all workstations to Windows 10. As many of you will know we have already begun upgrading all staff devices to Office 10 and some open access machines such as Library and drop in rooms. Please feel free to visit these areas to familiarise yourselves with the changes.

  • Microsoft Office will also be upgraded to Microsoft Office 2016.

  • Abobe Master Collection will be upgrade to latest Creative Cloud edition (this may happen earlier).

Managed Print

The full college wide managed print service is now finally just around the corner following a long wait! Several more managed print devices will be installed around the college in central locations. Once these are all in place we will gradually run down all stocks of printer consumables and retire off all standalone and old room based printers. Further information will be circulated as new managed print devices are deployed.

Coinciding with this will see the introduction of additional software that will extend printing to:

  • Print by e-mail

  • Print from any mobile device

  • Print from Chromebooks

  • Print directly from Google Apps for Education

  • Print via web page

E-Mail – Migration to the Cloud!

We have now begun an ongoing migration of all staff mailboxes to Office 365. This will over time remove the load on our internal infrastructure and provide a more robust platform for e-mail.

There are numerous benefits to migrating your mailbox to the cloud but perhaps the most attractive feature is the 50gb mailbox size! If you would like to be an early adopter and move your mailbox to the cloud please log a call with IT Support where requests will be dealt with on a first come first served basis, all users will be moved in due course. Once migrated your day to day mailbox access and operation will not change and you will be able to continue syncing your mailbox with your mobile devices and access from anywhere with an internet connection just the same.

News from CASI Faculty

Performing Arts are in the last stages of rehearsals for “Loserville”. Promotion of the performance is paramount at the moment and below is a link to the interview on BBC Radio Guernsey this morning. You can listen from 1 hr 12 minutes in and hear director Oli Davies and cast members Charlotte Cosnett, Jodie Hicks and Harry Giubileo talk about the show and give a sneak peak of one of the many amazing songs in the show. Listen and enjoy!


If you would like to come and watch the show from the 25-28 May you can purchase tickets at the PRCPA front desk or book them online at


- prices are £5-£10. !

In Creative and Digital Arts the Level 2’s completed their exams and the department came through their SV with flying colours!

The Level 3’s completed their graphics project to create a Tomato cookbook and presented it to Jill from the Guernsey Botanical Trust. Jill is now looking at all the work but was extremely impressed stating that she was “blown away” by the professional quality of the work.

The department is also about to set up for the Final Year Show at Delancey and would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause within the canteen - as always they look forward to the full support of the college.

In Hospitality and Catering Level 2 professional cookery students held a parents dinner to show off their skills and this was a major success! The cake they had made the previous Thursday was sold in aid of MENCAP at Sundays open garden event and helped raise over £3000 - the majority of the students giving up their time to assist with the running of the day.

Yesterday’s business dinner for the business students was also a great success and even saw Steve Bacon doing the washing up to assist with the smooth running of the event

Finally in Hair and Beauty

Congratulations to Ali Black on the birth of her baby boy !!!!!

Tech for Learning..... In a TV Burp Style Fight Between PowerPoint and Google Slides...

... who wins?

In the past, your money might have been on PowerPoint. However, the most recent Google Slides' update has, in my opinion, sent Google racing ahead of Microsoft.

If you use any slide-based presentations in sessions, you'll know that one way to try and avoid "Death by PowerPoint/Google Slides" is to encourage audience participation. Unfortunately it is often the more confident learners who respond well to the request for participation leaving the quieter ones free to dis-engage.

Google has introduced an exciting Q&A function to Slides - I cannot wait to try it. Learners can submit and vote on questions to the teacher during the presentation without having to raise their hand. They submit questions on their devices, via a link the teacher provides at the start of the presentation. It's basically a built-in back channel. To see this feature in action, watch this 2 minute video

To access Q&A in Google Slides, create your presentation, hit the "present" button at the top right-hand side of the screen, select "presenter view" from the bottom left-hand bar and start accepting questions. The URL learners need for questions appears at the top of your presentation on screen.

This helpsheet provides a visual explanation.

As well as adding the Q&A feature, Google has also introduced a laser pointer function - select it to use your mouse as a laser pointer.

Based on these new features alone, my money is on Google Slides.

Last week's blog can be found here:


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  • Office ladies & Sally - thank you ladies for your ever smiling faces, helpfulness, flexibility, approachability and attitude even when things are busy for you or there are problems
  • Jason - for all his help with my Outlook & Calendar this week.
  • Saboohi's office now also being the room for the Board of Governors to use when they are in College.
  • Cathy, Amanda & Sarah
  • Thank you to everyone who made Sunday such an amazing day. Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way, but especially, Caroline moody, Mark Pratt and Dave Herchal for lending us the gazebos. To five students, liam, Tom, Becky, Joel and Billy, Cathy, Ryan, and his wife Gail and Sonia for helping with teas and coffees. Thank you to all of you who supported us on the day. It was so nice to see so many of you at this special event to help local, disabled people live independent lives………………..

    We raised £3313.79 after costs. Grow limited made £240.00 as well so an amazing total. Julie


  • Techi Noel!



  • Kitchen Sink in Staff room being left in a mess (coffee granules especially). Please can everyone make an effort to clear up after themselves! Thank you :)


Questions & Ideas


  • Ladies College recently gave each pupil £1 and a target date. Each had to at least double their money or more! Possibility to make it competitive??


Buttons wanted in the Access Department - any shapes, size and colours - asap please - please drop to Jan at Delancey Reception Thank you
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‘ Can you help? We require clean, large, clear plastic bottles for the community and college garden at Delancey. Please send them FAO Tristan room D1 at Delancey’

Supporting the local Charity GO

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For events happening at the PRCPA please click below...

PRCPA Event Flyer



Trish has updated our Linked in Company page, and this will now hopefully pick up more followers.

Please can all staff who have a linkedin account please follow the College page - it might be that a link has already been created... but please check this. Thank you.

If you have anything exciting going on that can be publicised on Twitter/Facebook or LinkedIn please contact Laura or Trish. Thank you.


Can all new staff make themselves known to Dan Hunter, email Danh@gcfe.net if a) they are members of a UCU teaching union or b) they are interested in joining the UCU teaching union.

This will enable us to keep an up-to-date union member email distribution list to ensure all members are kept in the loop.