Siegrist Staff Newsletter

Sept. 15

Watchdogs Start at Siegrist!

Our first Watchdogs will begin next week! Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students) are fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, or other male figures who volunteer for one school day or a half-day to be a positive male role model for our students. Their presence helps to provide a safe and caring environment at Siegrist Elementary and we cannot wait to have them join us!

The WatchDOG of the day will be announced in the morning, take a picture with their child to be displayed on our watchdogs bulletin board (in the gym hallway), and receive their schedule for the day. Watchdogs schedules are organized by grade level and can be viewed here: Watchdogs Schedules.

Here are some general guidelines for classroom teachers to follow:

Watchdogs can:

Monitor hallways, entrances, and outside

Assist at lunch, eat lunch with students

Assist at recess, play or referee on the playground or in the gym

Read with classes, tutor small groups of students, mentor students

Work with flash cards, educational games, or test review

Actively and positively engage with their student and others

Speak to classes about importance of education and career choices

Watchdogs should not:

Go into students’ (girls’ or boys’) restrooms

Be alone or unsupervised with students

Make teacher copies or run teacher errands

Grade papers

Thank you for supporting our WatchDOGS program at Siegrist!

Field Trips

Recently, the admin team got together to discuss grade level field trips. The average cost for 2 field trips per grade level is $14.50 this year. PTA pays for $10of it. The rest has to come from Activities account. If we can get a break in the costs, it will only help us save money for other things that we want to do . If you are the grade level organizer for field trips, you will need to do the following:

1) Contact your designated field trip organization to book the dates that you want

2) Confirm that they will take a school PO

3) Book your buses through transfinder

4) Get with Tracy to write the PO for the field trip. This needs to be done a month in advance if possible. If they don't take POs- See Jen.

Specials teachers need to do the same thing for their field trips. As soon as they are booked, and put into transfinder, then they will go on the building calendar. That should help everyone plan accordingly. Remember-----You must be back by 2:00 so buses are available for first tier routes.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. I will do the best I can to answer it.

School Safety Training- Hold in Place

A "Hold-in-Place" is a type of emergency response in which an urgent incident or medical condition has taken place that involves a student or staff member. Examples of incidents that could require a Hold-in-Place are: a staff member falling and breaking their ankle in the hallway or a student having a seizure outside the lunchroom. If an incident occurs, staff will be made aware via intercom announcement or administrator notice that we are going into a Hold-in-Place. During a Hold-in-Place, staff members should:

1) Move students away from the incident location by returning to their classroom or evacuating to another location. Students can remain outside under supervision if the incident is inside the building.
2) All instruction and normal work activity may continue as scheduled , unless otherwise notified via intercom announcement.
3) Remain at your location until an "all clear" announcement is given.

SST referrals

As presented this week in our PLC, here is the link for all SST referrals for this school year: Once you have completed the link, you will receive an e-mail with your referral. This link will be located at the bottom of each week's newsletter.

Our SST meetings will be held on Mondays and will start on Monday, September 26th. These meetings will be scheduled either before school, after school, or during the referring teacher's planning time and will last no more than 20 minutes. Shawna Modlin will send you a google calendar invitation with your scheduled time.

Please remember that Shawna is in the occupational therapy room in the office at Siegrist every Monday. If you would like to visit with her regarding a student or need assistance with brainstorming, feel free to e-mail, call, or stop by to see her on a Monday. Her e-mail address is: and her ext. is 2124.

Running Records

Make sure you send a copy of your dashboard to your administrator once you have screened all required kids. We will take this information to the district data team for analysis at the beginning of October.

Self -corrections are not an error. :)

Heat and Cooling

Over the next two weeks, they are going to be trying to get set points formulated, so their may be some fluctuation in room temps. Keep us informed of temps if they are uncomfortable so we can communicate to the powers that be! Thank you for your patience in this process. It has been much longer than anybody would like.

Get to Know our Staff!

We are very grateful for the amazing staff, but we are a BIG group, so we are going to introduce some of the staff each week until you get to know everyone. It is always good practice to introduce yourself until everyone knows each other.

Tears and Cheers

* My "cheers" for this week is that I am SOOOOO thankful to be working with a stellar team. When I go to other districts and I hear them talking about the concerns that they have....we don't share any of those concerns. This is truly a team of growth mindset, and willing to dive in and try something new.

* This morning 165 kids got breakfast. In the past we averaged around 90 kids! That is more food in bellies, which translates into more alert and eager students! WAY TO GO! This is because you all are so flexible and put kids' needs first over habits, traditions, and our own comforts. Doing what is best for kids!!!! AWESOME!

Pete and Repeat were sitting on a bridge.....

Pete fell off....who was left?

Frontline- Staff Evaluations

A couple of weeks ago, you received a staff special message with the information about beginning your evaluation process. You need to make an appointment (thru Tracy or Christy) to meet with your administrator in September. You need to have your paperwork finished and submitted prior to the meeting. Don't forget we have a new SOFTWARE system for evaluations, so you need to watch the 4 minute video on logging in to access your evaluation forms for the year.

Don't wait....or we will all be here super late on Sept. 30th in meetings ;)

Log In/Change Password in Frontline Evaluation Tool

Important Dates


Tuesday, Sept. 20

Quality Academy- Jen and Kali attending

PTA Meeting- 6:30-7:30pm

Wednesday, Sept. 21

Dollar Bill Banking Day
Grade level meetings

Thursday, Sept. 22

Pirates Rock Luncheon

Friday, Sept. 23

AFLAC rep will be in the workroom

Monday, Sept. 26

First day of SST

Last week for Evals! Must schedule this week! (You know who you are :) )

Tuesday, Sept. 27

Jen and Kali out in afternoon for meetings

Wednesday, Sept. 28

PLC day

Thursday, Sept. 29

Wear your jeans and Royals gear

Bring food for the lounge--see you social committee rep for what to bring

STAFF ROYALS GAME (Bus leaves at 4:30)

September Birthdays

Amber McMillian 9/3

Malinda Jeffries 9/4

Rebecca Villarreal 9/7

Shannan Roberts 9/9

Mike Powers 9/22

Lauren Parrish 9/21

Amy Poos 9/30

Helpful Links

SST Referral

Use this link to refer a child to SST.