How Samuel Morse Came to be Known

The Telagragh

Family and Early life

Have you ever wonderd about what inventors live like and what they are known for?Well I will tell you about one...Samuel Morse. Samuel Morse was born in Charlestown Massachuetts, on April 27, 1791. He was the son of Jedidiah, and Elizebeth. His brothers were Sidney and Richard. Samuel Morse's wife died at an early age. He was very good at painting. He really enjoyed it. He went to Yale for his painting.


What did Samuel Morse invent? He created the Telegragh. Well the first working telegragh. He also sent the first telegragh. This helped to get information around quicker. People were using Morse Code more than newspapers.


Fun Facts


Samuel Morse was a major painter. He helped found the Natinal Academy of Desin in 1825. He also became professor of painting and sculpcher in 1832.

Morse Code

Samuel Morse made Morse Code which is a lot of dots and dashes which mean words that some people know.


Samuel Morse's invention helped so they could get news around in minets! Because of Samuel Morse we now have telaphones, and other ways of information. With out him we would not have other ways to comunicate.