YKSD Career & Technical Education

2020-2021 2nd Quarter Newsletter

YKSD Interior CHOICES Project

YKSD is partnered with Alaska EXCEL through the YKSD Interior CHOICES Project to provide students with opportunities to prepare them for future training and employment! During this time of Covid, high school students can take virtual classes through Google Classroom to learn about a variety of careers.

During 2nd semester students have the opportunity to choose from six different virtual courses and earn 0.5 credits for each class:

  • Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Child Care (Babysitting)
  • History & Fundamentals of Basketball
  • Senior Transition
  • Yupik Values & Language
  • Virtual Career Building

With the Virtual Career Building class, students choose four career exploration related modules out of 22 modules to earn 0.5 credits. Students who want to earn additional credit and complete 8 modules will earn 1 credit. Students can select from the following modules:

  1. Aviation Careers
  2. Coaching Careers
  3. Construction Careers & Basic Safety
  4. Dental Careers
  5. Education Careers
  6. Facility Maintenance Careers
  7. Firefighting Careers
  8. Nursing Careers
  9. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Careers
  10. Cosmetology Careers
  11. Dressmaking Careers
  12. Law Enforcement Careers
  13. Marketing Careers
  14. Non-Profit Careers
  15. Paramedic Careers
  16. Personal Trainer Careers
  17. Postal Service Clerk Careers
  18. Careers in Science
  19. Ship Captain Careers
  20. Truck Driving Careers
  21. Entrepreneurship Careers
  22. Introduction to Medical Careers

Registration is open NOW through January 18, 2021.

The classes start on January 18, 2021.

Late registration continues until February 26, 2021.

Return completed applications to cte@yksd.com by January 18, 2021.

The classes will be delivered through Google Classroom and a thumb drive with all the class work will be provided to each student, in case internet is not available at all times.

Alaska Works Partnership

Alaska Works Partnership has several trainings coming up, including some new ones, and may be adding even more trainings in the future. You can always check their website for updates or to submit an online application www.alaskaworks.org. The full training schedule can be found under the “Training” tab.

The direct link to their application with is at the following address: https://ConstructionAcademy.formstack.com/forms/awpfy21

Due to COVID-19, Alaska Works Partnership has implemented several safety precautions to protect everyone. During the in person trainings, participant numbers have been reduced to allow for social distancing of at least 6 feet and participants are required to wear masks.

Training Programs:

All of these programs are open to adults 18 and up but space is limited. Exceptions sometimes are made for 17-year-olds who are in their senior year of high school with guardian permission: Pease contact a staff member for more information if this applies to you.

H2H*(Helmets to Hardhats) these training opportunities are open to Veterans, Transitioning Service Members, National Guard, Reservists and Active Duty Military Spouses only.

WIT*(Women in the Trades) these training opportunities are open to female applicants only.

Highlighted Upcoming Trainings


H2H* Ironwork & welding, December 14th – 18th, Monday – Friday 8am-5pm.

Blueprint Reading & Trades Math w/ OSHA 10, December 14th – 18th, Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm.

Building Maintenance, January 4th – 15th, Monday – Friday- 8am-5pm.

H2H* CDL Class A, January 4th – 15th, Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm.

WIT* CHUGIAK: General Construction, January 25th – 29th, Monday – Friday 8am-5pm.

Power Tools, February 1st – 5th, Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm.

H2H* CDL Class A, February 1st- 12th, Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm.

WIT* Blueprint Reading & Trades Math (Evening), February 9th – 18th, Tuesday – Thursday, 5:30-9:30pm, Saturday 8am-5pm.

WIT* Building Maintenance, February 22nd- March 5th, Monday – Friday 8am- 5pm.


Blueprint Reading & Trades Math w/ OSHA 10, February 1st- 5th, Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm.


Welding, January 25th – 29th, Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm.

Electrical, February 1st – 5th, Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm.

Carpentry, February 8th – 12th, Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm.

WIT* Carpentry, February 22nd- 26th, Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm.

Welding, March 1st- 5th, Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm.

Residential Framing, March, 15th – 19th, 8am- 5pm.

WIT* General Construction, March 22nd- 26th, Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm.

Health and Safety (only for previous course completers) :

Fairbanks – Forklift, December 21st – 22nd, Monday & Tuesday, 8am-5pm.

Fairbanks – First Aid/CPR/AED, December 23rd – Wednesday, 8am-5pm.

Anchorage – First Aid/CPR/AED, January 20th – Wednesday, 8am-12pm.

Mat-Su – First Aid/CPR/AED, January 27th, Wednesday, 1pm-5pm.

Mat-Su – First Aid/CPR/AED January 27th, Wednesday evening, 5:30-9:30pm.

Mat-Su – OSHA 10, January 28th -29th. Thursday 9am- 4pm. Friday 9am- 3pm.

Upcoming Events:

Alaska Works hosts a Virtual Orientation through Facebook Live on the first Wednesday of each month. The next orientation will take place on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. Visit their page directly through this link: https://www.facebook.com/alaskaworks/

As always, if you have questions, need assistance, or would like another version of these documents sent to you or delivered in person, please let contact Alaska Works Partnership directly! Thank you to all the students and community partners for your continued support of Alaska Works Partnership!

Please see the attached Alaska Works training calendar that lists all our training opportunities through June 2021.

Apprenticeship Programs

There are several apprenticeship deadlines coming up and all of these accept applications statewide:

Plumbers, Pipefitters & Steamfitters (Anchorage) – Application Opening: August 10th 2020 – Next Deadline: March 5th, 2021

Plumbers & Pipefitters (Fairbanks) – Accepts applications year round. Next Deadline: March, 2021 (Dates to be announced.)

IBEW Electrical (Anchorage & Fairbanks) – Accepts applications year round. Next Deadline: December 30th, 2020

Ironworkers (Statewide) – Accepts applications year round. Next Deadline: March 1st , 2021, for April Interview

Plasterers & Cement Masons (Statewide) - Accepts applications year round. Next Deadline to be announced

Carpenters (Anchorage) – Accepts Applications year round. Next Deadline: December 31st , 2020

Carpenters (Fairbanks) – Next Deadline: March 19th, 2021

Piledrivers, Bridge Builders, Dock Workers & Divers (Statewide, training takes place in Anchorage) – Accepts applications year round. Next Deadline: December 31, 2020

Alaska Operating Engineers (Statewide) – Application Opening: August – September 2021. Dates to be announced.

Boilermakers (Statewide) – Applications can be requested the 1st Wednesday of every month no set deadline.

Laborers (Statewide) - Accepts applications year round. Next Deadline to be announced

Alaska LIVE Job Shadows

YKSD is participating in the Alaska LIVE Job Shadows, a live interactive event for middle and high school students across Alaska. Students learn about careers focused on a different career pathways each session. Students hear from three people, Guest Panelists, who work in the focused career area. The Guest Panelists share about their training, work experience, duties, schedule, working conditions, advancement opportunities, educational requirements, and much more. These sessions are provided through a Zoom link. Students can also interact with the Guest Panelist through Pear Deck or asking questions in the Zoom chat. Each session focuses on one specific employability skill taken from the YES Employability Skills. To participate Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education shares a link to register prior to each session.

The first session focused on oil and gas careers. This session took place on Wednesday, October 28th at 1:00 pm. During the initial Alaska LIVE Job Shadow, 16 school districts participated including YKSD, 95 participants participated by adding things in Pear Deck, and 88 participants joined in the session over Zoom, which included classrooms and individuals. YKSD had participants from across the district and from Raven Homeschool. The Guest Panelist were from HilCorp Alaska, Alyeska Pipeline, and Oil Search Alaska. This employability skill for this session was safety.

The second session focusing on construction careers and took place Wednesday, December 9th at 1 pm over zoom. YKSD’s very own Minto graduate, Michael VanHatten, was one the Guest Panelists. He is a welder with Greer Tank and Welding. The other Guest Panelists were Sarah Dow with Coalaska and Stephen Nowers with Cruz Construction. Some highlights of this session were:

  • 60 Locations Participated (individuals, classrooms, and teaches)
  • 19 School Districts Participated
  • Other Attendees were WIOA Partners, Postsecondary, Department of Corrections, and Tribal Organizations
  • Student and classroom questions were through Zoom Chat and Pear Deck.

If you would like to review any of the sessions, they are recorded. On the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (ACPE) Alaska Career Information (AKCIS) webpage at https://acpe.alaska.gov/PLANNING/AKCIS scroll down on the right side to Alaska LIVE Job Shadows and select the Archived Zoom Event desired.

Educators Rising & HOSA Student Club

The Educators Rising & HOSA Club is meeting monthly districtwide and weekly in Allakaket! Middle school and high school students from Huslia, Allakaket, and Raven Homeschool are participating. Twenty students are part of the club this school year!

Congratulations to the districtwide officers:

President: Flora Henry

Vice-President: Chloe Gilbreath

Secretary: Joy Bergman

Treasurer: Sean Grometes

Events Coordinator: Kaylin Wolf

Fund Raising: Evan Sam

Historian: Terry Strassburg

During the month of December students are taking part in a Civic Engagement project by creating gift bags for others with a candy can, a hot chocolate mix, and Happy Holidays wish! Students are starting to prepare for the statewide competitions, with the Educators Rising Virtual State Conference taking place the last week of February and the HOSA Virtual State Conference at the end of March.

Upcoming Events are:

Educators Rising Statewide Virtual Competitions February 24-26, 2021

Educators Rising Statewide Virtual Student Conference February 28-March 1, 2021

Alaska HOSA Virtual Competitions February 15-26, 2021

Alaska HOSA Statewide Student Conference March 24-26, 2021

2nd Semester Computer Science Classes

Alaska Tech Learners has four course offerings for high school stduents this spring that are part of the new UAA FastTrack Occupational Endorsement Certificate in Web Engineering.

Students who are new to computing courses should start with CIS A110. Tech savvy students can sign up for any of these four courses.

Each course's tuition and fees for both teachers and students are paid for by the National Science Foundation.

Students signing up for CS A109 will need to contact Steve Johnson (swjohnson@alaksa.edu) so that the prerequisite of MATH A105 can be waived.

Students who have never taken a University of Alaska course will need to complete the registration form and send it to Shannon Stites (smstites@alaska.edu). Returning students can register directly online at (https://alaska.edu/uaonline) or follow the directions provided in the Secondary Student Enrollment Packet attached.

Please call Steve Johnson (907) 834-1633 if you have any questions about these courses or the Alaska Tech Learners program.

Be watching for new Tech Learner courses in the Fall of 2021:

Client-Side Scripting Languages (JavaScript)

Server-Side Scripting Languages (PHP)