Your Daily Break

A dash of Mindfulness-based SEL for each day of the week!


We are bringing you small doses of mindfulness and SEL for each day of the week to keep us present in the moment during these challenging times.

Thank you for being a positive force in our world!

Liane Benedict & Kate Ginney


Hand-washing as a meditation for greater stability, clarity, and strength.


Cartoons by Sketches in Stillness, give positive daily vibes to your inbox--checkout her free cartoons to share with students or internalize for yourself!


Did you know Oswego County has plenty of hiking trails to add fresh air and exercise into your day? Checkout this interactive map for all 96 trails.


25 Baking Recipes for Self-Care & Self-Quarantine


Watch Soul Pancake's video - What Is One Thing Everyone Should Try? Maybe you will get some ideas!

Oswego County Calming Music: Mexico Point

Use the link above to download a 30 minute clip from Mexico Point State Park. You can check out this space in person from Wednesday's link above to see this great Oswego County trail. Once downloaded, the video does not require streaming and you can enjoy the peaceful music and views. This is our first in the series; please reach out if you would like a favorite spot from Oswego County showcased next!
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