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Our Mission

In our pursuit of educational excellence, Instructional Technology strives to prepare instructional staff to integrate technology into the curriculum in meaningful and appropriate ways to promote student success. While providing training and instructional support we utilize technology to both improve instruction as well as increase efficiency in school operations.

Check Your Eduphoria Workshop Portfolio!

Now that summer staff development has completed, please check My Portfolio in Eduphoria Workshop to make sure you have received proper credit. If you discovered you have not earned credit or need to ask a question, please contact your instructor for assistance. Remember that most Region 13 or out-of-district workshops will not be in Eduphoria unless you submit it yourself for credit.

In order to check My Portfolio, follow these directions:

  1. Login to Eduphoria.
  2. Select Workshop.
  3. Select My Portfolio.

These resources may also be helpful.

Compliance Training eCourse Due October 4th

Please remember to complete your Compliance Training eCourse by October 4th. This video will help you get started. Transportation, Custodial, and Maintenance employees will participate in an alternative training.

Register and Begin Compliance eCourse

The New Cisco Phone

As you all have probably noticed, you have new phones this year. These phones have many wonderful features that we will share throughout the school year. We appreciate your patience as we get every phone in place and setup. These two items may help you as you get started using the phone.

SchoolFusion Classroom Web Pages on Their Way

We will be working towards getting all your classroom web pages in place by September 3. It's important that student schedules are settled before we do this setup. In the meantime, you can unarchive any past pages you like by following these directions. Unarchive Classroom FusionPages

Student iPads Being Prepared (PreK-3)

As the school year begins, we want to make sure the student iPads are setup appropriately as well as inventoried in our new system. Our goal is to have them available for check out during the week of Sept. 9-13. In the meantime, please add the apps that you would like to see added to the iPads here. Notice there are grade level tabs at the bottom.

Core iPad App Suggestions

Gaggle Email for Students Coming Soon

All 4th-12th grade students will have Gaggle email accounts setup by September 3. Keep in mind that Gaggle is an email program but also can be used for digital storage, word processing, spreadsheets, blogs, etc. It also has an app that you can use on your iPad.

Things to Remember

  • Do you need further assistance with other software? Be sure to visit the Software Support site I created. I'll be posting handouts and video tutorials here throughout the school year.

How to Create a Help Desk Ticket

Creating a Technology Help Desk Ticket
Want to learn more about Twitter? A Visual Guide to Twitter

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