PK 4.2 Newsletter

Ms.Kashmira-February 7, 2014

Study of WHEELS!

Humans are fascinated by wheels! Wheels give us mobility and a sense of power. Wheels are everywhere, not just on vehicles. The internal workings of many machines depend on wheels. It is safe to say that, without wheels, life as we know it would come to a halt!!

We can always use your help! If you have any wheeled objects to explore we would love to borrow it.

What you can do at home?

Use open-ended questions to engage your child in discussions about wheels.

What do you notice about the wheels?
Who might use some of these wheels?
How do wheels help people?

What is your favorite kind of wheel? Why?

Do you know the parts of a wheel?

Ask your child:
What is the bar that goes through the center of the wheel? AXLE
A bicycle wheel has something that begins with the letter S? SPOKES
What other part does a car wheel have? RIM
What is another word for wheel? TIRE

Apart from WHEELS, ask your child about our MYSTERY LETTERS! What letters have we talked about in school! We have also been RHYMING and making sentences using ALLITERATION!

In math, we have been doing number recognition. We also count how many days we have been in school, and can you imagine we have already been in school for 103 DAYS! So we talked about hundreds, tens and ones! It has been a super busy week, yet super fun!

Have a great weekend, and hope to see many faces in the BBQ tomorrow!

Teaching with LOVE & DEDICATION,


We love painting!

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How do wheels help people in their everyday lives?

We did a large group investigation to help us see how wheels help people in their everyday lives! We put a heavy box and we asked each child to help us move it. After trying, pushing we got so tired that we asked what would be an easier way to move the heavy box. After various solutions, what did we discover? That wheels make moving heavy objects much easier and safer! I also pretended that I fell down and needed help to go to the nurse, some of them were very nice and offered to carry me all the way to the nurses office (haha), but we had a wheelchair nearby, and of course that made everything much easier and faster!

Fun, fun, fun!!