April 28, 2022

Coalition Meeting featuring author Susán Hoemke

Friday, May 13th, 12-1pm

6401 West Eldorado Parkway

McKinney, TX

Join us for our upcoming coalition meeting on May 13th! Please RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/326580048717 . Lunch will be provided!

About our speaker, Susán Hoemke:

Devoted wife, mother and author Susán Hoemke shares her family’s experiences and all she wishes she had known and done differently to help her family. Her firsthand perspective on the unthinkable pain of losing a child and the fight to rebuild her family serves as a wake-up call for parents about the sweeping drug use and abuse epidemic which can start at a young age. Hoemke’s presentation includes drug education/awareness, realistic and practical advice, why we should educate our kids much earlier and how to plan as a family to avoid drug related crisis. Her book ‘Healing Scarred Hearts’ takes its readers on her very personal journey of watching her son Hayden develop substance use disorder. www.healingscarredhearts.com

Susán is also known for her national media interviews, speaking engagements, and serving as a panelist on several forums allowing her to help many others living in a crisis find ways to cope and deal with crucial situations. Hoemke has created the curriculum “IMAP (I Make a Plan): Mapping the Way to Be Drug Free” for parents, kids, and educators. IMAP is a simple to use Power Point drug education program that will help kids navigate life with a better chance of a success and reaching goals. IMAP is designed to mimic planning for a road trip and bridges healthy conversation between teachers, parents, and kids. The IMAP subscription can be found at www.addictionimpacts.com.

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We are proud to support our McKinney Soccer Association TOP SOCCER program!

TOPSoccer is a US Youth Soccer program designed to provide soccer leagues for young athletes with disabilities. Athletes will participate on a team that will play a regular season with and against athletes of similar capabilities. TOPSoccer’s emphasis is on development, training and meaningful participation. The program is designed to provide the opportunity of learning and playing soccer to any individual who has a physical or intellectual impairment.

TOPSoccer athletes will enjoy the full youth soccer experience of practice, jersey and scrimmages in a league adapted to accommodate their needs. Athletes will be assisted, as needed, by buddies, that will enhance their overall experience and safety while participating in the league.

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Project Graduation 2022

Support McKinney's substance free graduation party- use the following link to volunteer! You can also donate at DONATION FOR MCKINNEY'S PROJECT GRADUATION (jotform.us)

National Drug Take Back Day

Safely Dispose of Unused or Expired Prescription Drugs

The City of McKinney Police Department, in partnership with the Collin County Sheriff’s Office, participates in the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Nationwide Drug Take-Back event twice each year.

At the Drug Take-Back event, participants can safely dispose of all accumulated expired, unwanted and unused prescription drugs. The service is free and anonymous. You do not have to be a resident of McKinney to participate.

Check out this opportunity for McKinney kids to try lacrosse!

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Check out these upcoming presentations!

5/3 @ 6 PM - 100 Deadliest Days - Contributing Factors of Fatal Teen Crashes

Guest Speaker: Daniel Armbruster, Public Relations – AAA Texas


5/17 @ 6 PM - Alcohol and Brain Development

Guest Speaker: Flor Brown, Prevention Specialist - Mosaic Youth Services


5/25 @ 6 PM - Healthy Coping Skills & Mindfulness

Guest Speaker: Tine Clemmons, Lead Youth Prevention Specialist – Recovery Resource Council

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