pond fountains

Pond are transformed from small bodies of fresh water

Many Ponds Benefit From the Addition of a Carefully Chosen Fountain

Owning a property that includes a pond often proves satisfying and enjoyable. Whether with a place of business or a home, a well maintained pond can add a special, welcoming touch that makes the surrounding space more appealing.

Most bodies of water benefit from aeration, and pond fountains can serve this purpose while accomplishing more at the same time. Companies like Living Water Aeration offer many products that can turn particular ponds into even more impressive assets.

Choosing the Best Fountain for Any Pond

All ponds are unique, but there are always ways of accommodating the particulars that make any one of them special and distinctive. When looking at the many available pond fountains, it will normally be helpful to consider basic issues like:

Power. The specifications of the pump that powers any fountain in a pond will always impact the overall performance of the system. A more powerful pump will naturally be able to move more water over a given amount of time, leading to improved aeration and a more impressive visual display. Choosing an overly powerful pump, however, can be problematic, as it will mean spending more on both the purchase and operating costs than necessary. A pump with too little power, though, will leave a pond without the aeration needed to keep its water fresh and appealing.

Lighting. Many fountain systems designed to be installed in ponds feature integrated lighting. A lighting system that attracts attention and improves the view can easily make a fountain even more worth purchasing. In many cases today, manufacturers include LED lighting elements that will last for many years and cost very little to keep lit. Some sophisticated lighting systems can even be programmed to turn on and off automatically according to potentially complex schedules.

Pattern. Fountains all have their own characteristic ways of putting water into the air and allowing it to descend. Cascading fountains that emit impressive sheets of water will always draw the gazes of onlookers. Fountains that are subtler about how they disperse water can make for more appealing additions to ponds in certain cases. More complex patterns help turn particular ponds into even more visually interesting places.

Many High-Quality Fountains to Choose From

When it becomes clear that a given pond would benefit from the addition of a fountain, there will never be a dearth of options to consider. Simply looking into a few simple issues will generally help clarify which fountain will enhance a pond most effectively.