Missing Polar Bear

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Polar Bear's Background

Common name: polar bear

Scientific name: Ursus Martimus

rank: subspecies

identifying features: small ears, large paws, large body, white fur, strong legs.

Habitat: Polar bears live in Antarctica, Canada, and Alaska. They generally roam the ice sheets until they can settle into deep snow along with some food they find. Where they live is very snowy and temperature can very from 17 to -17 degrees Fahrenheit.

Endangered: Polar bears are becoming endangered due to the constant climates changes resulting in the melting of their icy habitat. Polar bears are primarily going extinct due to global warming but have also been hunted in large amounts.

Prone to extinction: Polar Bears are top of their food chain and do not have to worry about other animals and even being poached.

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Population: The Polar bear population began to become a noticeable difference in 2008 when global warming was growing. The Polar Bears population varies from 200-3000 in 2014-2015. This range varies in Antarctica, Alaska, and Canada.
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Polar Bears have helped us get an understanding about the ecosystem in the Arctic and are top of the food chain which keeps the animal population at bay. The Canadian population is willing to pay 6.3 billion dollars a year to preserve the Polar Bear population. That's 508 dollars per household.