Emmitt Smith

"Emmitt Smith is the man."(WalterFootball).

Bio Facts

Born: May 5, 1969

He was born in Pensacola, Florida.

He was a running back for the Dallas Cowboys

He has three children two daughters and one son.

He went to the University of Florida.

He was number 22.

He holds the most rushing yards with a total of 18,355 yards.

Coming of Age

When Emmitt was growing up, his family suffered financially. Emmitt had to share two bedrooms in a family of 8 at his grandparents house. Emmitt liked to play a lot of sports, and was good at most of them. In middle school he played on a basketball team that was really good. He was a big boy growing up, at the age of 11 he weighed 145 pounds. When he went to his local football games his mom had to bring his birth certificate to prove he was only 11 years old. His high school coach came to his middle school just to make sure he was going to go to that high school.

In high school he set new rushing records and had games with 150 yards, which is almost unheard of in high school football. Before games Emmitt would wear plastic sweat pants to help him loose weight. He was picked up to the University of Florida. He held 58 new rushing records by the end of his junior year. Including longest run 96 yards in one play. In his sophomore year injured his knee and missed four games which Florida all lost with out him playing. He went into the NFL draft in his junior year. The Dallas Cowboys took a "risk" picking him because he was not that fast and most coaches wanted a fast running back. Throughout his NFL career he proved that he was a worthy running back. On October 22, 2002 Emmitt Smith broke Walter Payton's all time rushing record.


By haven grown up sharing two rooms with a family of 8 one can infer that Emmitt was determined to grow up and make a better place for his family. One can think that after being criticized about his weight Emmitt would want to prove that he was an able bodied running back and could get touchdowns. This portrays that Emmitt had a strong desire to prove his was a good player throughout his early life to even in the NFL. This illustrates that Emmitt had the talent to zig zag through defenders which was good but he had to show that even though he was not that fast he was still able to accomplish the things coaches expected of him. This exhibits that Emmitt was longing to make an impact in society by doing something good or impressive after being looked down on as a child.

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