By: Dray Kopecky

What Is A Constellation

A constellations is a group of stars in the night sky that form a picture or a shape. Also not all constellations are the same distance from the sky they are all different distances from earth but they line up just right to form a constellation.
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Popular Constellations

The big dipper looks like a ladle and it is part of another constellation call Ursa Major which Also known as (the big bear) and its usually seen in the summer time when it gets really dark.

Little dipper looks very similar to the big dipper but its a little smaller, it's also known as (the little bear) and it too is seen in the summer time.

Another constellation is called Orion's belt and it's very easy to Identify because its just three straight stars close to each other and it's seen in the winter time.

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The History Of Constellations

Constellation were a big part of the Mesopotamian culture around 4,000 years back.; Also our ancestors used the constellations to point them North, East, South, and west depending on the time of year because over the season the stars shift because of the rotation of the earth.
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