Mrs. Hanson's First Grade News

May 2-7, 2016

Classroom News


Field Trip-Tuesday, May 10th- Please be here by 8:00. The bus will leave by 8:15. Bring a cold lunch in a throw away container.

May 13th- Art and Academics (7:30-8:30)

May 23rd- Fun and Fitness

May 24th- Talent Show

May 26th- Last day of school

Please remember to turn in your Razzle Dazzle Readers on Monday. You can get 2 free tickets to a baseball game.

Dear Parents and family members,

This year has been one of my best years yet. I am so pleased my family and I have made the move to Annandale. Thank you for welcoming me into the community. We are expecting our second child on or around May 16th, and I plan to be here until then. My long term sub will be Judy Howard. She is a retired first grade teacher that has taught for many years. She does a wonderful job with the students and I am lucky to have her take my spot for the last week or two of school. Thank you again for all your support this year. Have a great summer!

Mrs. Hanson

Specials Rotation For Next Week:

Mon.- Gym, Wed,-Gym Thurs.- Music Fri.- Art

Language Arts

This week in language arts we used posters to introduce our comprehension skill of making inferences and drawing conclusions. Phonics work this week was identifying medial sounds (diphthongs – ou, ow) and medial sound substitution.

BuildUP Words:

a, says, puts, what, the, you, as, I, word, of, to, give, one, walk, is, make

BuildUP Activity: Word Bingo- Use 2 sheets of paper and make 6 boxes on each page. Players write 6 of the words into each of their boxes on their paper in any spot they wish. Write the words on index cards as well. The child draws a card, reads it and then covers it if it is on his/her card. Three in a row makes a bingo or play until all words on the card are covered for a bingo.

Vocabulary Words:

conclusions, inferences, clues, evidence

Spelling Words

found, now, ground, how, house, plow, about, which, what, words

Spelling Practice Idea: Write each word in your best handwriting for the best handwriting award! Parents, you can make an award while your child is writing their words…or find a silly treasure around the house for all-star writing!


This week in math we:

  • Tested on Chapter 9
  • Finished the End of the Year Math test
  • Reviewed: Clocks to the quarter hour, place value, fractions, graphs, probability, coin combinations, and addition and subtraction problems

Games we played:

  • Fraction games
  • Clock Memory
  • $1 Exchange


This week we started our Air and Weather unit. Students have been really excited to do all of the experiments. We explored air using different objects around the room, a balloon, and straw. On Tuesday they made their very own parachutes and tested them out in the classroom. Students learned about pressure and compression by using a syringe and tube. Ask your child what happened when we connected two syringes together. We also made a balloon rocket and noticed that the more air we put into the balloon the further the balloon went.


This week we started our poetry unit. Students were able to see with a Poets' Eye by thinking about every day objects in a different way. We read many samples of first grade poetry. We learned about line breaks and helped revise a students work. We also made a Mother's Day poem.