Social Entrepreneur

By: Cameron Rosin

Paragraph 1:

I chose to research a social entrepreneur by the name of Jay Savsani. He is a big traveler and loves to travel, while he also enjoys meeting new people with different cultures and he loves tying new foods. All of these qualities that he has lead Jay to create a buisness out of something called Meal Sharing which he aslo created.

Paragraph 2:

Jay founded this buisness in 2012. Meal sharing was created to have hosts and any travelers experience the blending of different cultures and allow them to share stories with each other while sitting down and haveing a nice meal with each other. Mr. Sansani attended a meal share in Cambodia that inspired him to want to find a way to be able to facilliate meal sharing online which he did.

Paragraph 3:

My entrepreneur that I made a project on was Jerry Yang, the man who started Yahoo!. Jerry and Jay are alike in the way that both of their creations had to do with the internet and they both seem like they are bright people. They were also both inspired by something which was the drive for their creation. Jay was inspired by a meal share in Cambodia, while Jerry was inspired by his own reactions on how un organized the internet is and how much nicer it would be to be able to find cool websites or find what you're looking for easily rather then putting in a lot of work to just find them. My Entrepreneur and Jay, however, differ in a couple ways. First of all Jerry worked with a buisness partner by the name of David Filo, and Jay Savsani, on the other hand, worked independently or by himself. Also, even though they both worked with the internet or online, they had totally different interests like how Jay was into meal sharing and Jerry was into organizing the internet.
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