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Trading and Commerce in the Colonies

Products and Economy in Each Group of the Colonies

The South

Tobacco- Virginia tobacco being cured to suit British taste was a fantastic thing, it became the main source of revenue for the colony.

Farmland- Farmland is a very big deal down in the south and necessary for the economy to function, so many people make their money off of crops. There is so much farmland that even in the capital, Jamestown, there is only a few houses.

Trade- The main trade in the southern colonies is tobacco, cotton, sugar, rice, indigo (dye), lumber, furs, and farm products.

The Middle Colonies

Natural Resources- good farmland, timber, furs, coal, iron ore, corn, wheat, and livestock.

Food- The Middle colonies are the big food producing colonies since the south is more focused on cash crops. This makes the middle colonies invaluable to the Americas.

Other Products- Shipbuilding, textiles, and fur are some other exports from the middle colonies

Northern/New England Colonies

Land and Natural Resources- There was not very good land to farm in the New England Colonies so fishing and seafood was their main export. Fish, whale products, lumber/forests, furs, maple syrup, copper, livestock products, horses, run, whiskey, and beer were the main exports of the Northern Colonies.

Trading- The Northern Colonies had very big ports and traded with others a lot to make their economy instead of farming.

Colonies/England- The other colonies got more products from the Northern Colonies than England did but I suspect the England had better quality products and didn't want or need what the other colonies got.

Other Information/Events

Key Events

Triangular Trade- Trade routes between America, England, and Africa. Africa sent America slaves, America sent goods to England like tobacco and cotton, and England sent Africa textiles and rum in return. This was a very big part of the slave trade, spread many diseases, and all of the countries gained profit but all had some loss in the end.

Mercantilism- This gave Britain a profit from America's goods and trading.

Taxes- England imposed many taxes on the colonies trade but they powered through it and still had a very successful trade system with others.

England's Responses to Key Events

Triangular Trade- England greatly profited from this because they got goods from America and they had plenty of what they were giving Africa, also America became more productive with more slaves and that made England even richer.

Mercantilism- This view point made England profit from America's trades and products so money came in from the colonies and England made a good amount of money from that so when the colonies broke away some of England's income went with it.

Taxes- The taxes were imposed by Britain to pay off war debts and other debts so it was bad if they had to impose one but it helped pay for things, these taxes were also from wars but most of the wars during that time was over the colonies so it kinda was bad for Britain but it helped with their finance problems.